Below are collectable Cards of the Smokemon. All cards are $1,000,000,000 each. What a rip off!  Now you can hear what the Smokemon sound like.  Just click on the link below the card.

Hear Toucan

This is Toucan, our first Smokemon. By the way, it's a butt! 

Finally, we have the rarest smokemon ever. Discovered withen the deepest of sewers, its smell can kill. The evolved form of Toucan, Threecan! It's a butt with 3 cheeks and can make anyplace stink. Even skunks will run away from it!

Hear Dean

Meet Dean, our second smokemon. 

Hear Tree

Here's Tree, our third smokemon. This card is now complete. This tree does not move at all....

Hear Bombie

And finally, Bombie our 4th smokemon. He evolves into Kaboom. Bombie has now been made into a card! The Kaboom card is now finished! Below is the Smokemon card for Kaboom.

Hear Kaboom

And now finally a card, Kaboom our fifth Smokemon! Kaboom is the evolved form of Bombie. Bombie and Kaboom are rumored to be distantly related to Bob-ombs...

Hear Ooosh

Here's Ooosh, our sixth Smokemon. Stay away from Ooosh, they are really dangerous.

Hear Whoosh

The evolved form of Ooosh, Whoosh is not only dangerous, but horribly bad for children!

Hear Toulips

What do you mean Toulips is to much like Toucan? Toulips is a mouth. Toucan is a butt. Their names both start with "Tou...". They are both body parts. They both consist of two parts. They both can expend gas (Burping and farting). They both smell. See they're both Different!!!

Hear Cifirtacus

Meet Cifirtacus, the slug Smokemon. The only slug in the world with a salt attack. I'd like to see Nintendo come up with a giant slug character! 

Here's Iggy! Not much is known about this newly discovered Smokemon but it lives in the dessert and eats cacti.

Here's Igger! The evolved form of Iggy. It eats more than cacti and also unfortunately ate the man who discovered it.

Drill Sargent is the keeper of order in the Smokemon world. If you don't do exactly as he says, he'll make you do pushups until you puke. If you get on his bad side, he'll make you eat toucan droppings off the ground day in, day out.

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