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Because Enlightened Products offers so many words/color combinations and the option for custom words
a traditional shopping cart set up does not work.
If you have a large, complex or custom order please call Joe at 800-390-4765/805-512-1890 (Cell)

River Stones are sold on a separate page because it is a new and separate business requiring separate accounting.

Again, feel free to call 8AM - 8PM PST to place order - Joe at 800-390-4765/805-512-1890 (Cell)

Polished River Word Stones

1. Enter Quantity in form below.

2. In description enter: the Word or Symbol
you want engraved.
Click here to view Polished River Stone Word List

3. Enter the Price based on the following:

Polished River Word Stone Prices

1 - 3  Polished River Word Stones  ~  $9.00 each
4 - 10
  Polished River Word Stones  ~  $7.50 each
11 - 40
  Polished River Word Stones  ~  $6.00 each
41 - 100
  Polished River Word Stones  ~  $4.50 each
101 - 200
  Polished River Word Stones  ~  $3.50 each
201 or more
  Polished River Word Stones  ~  $3.25 each

Custom words are not available at this time.

Pouches - $.50 Each
(Please Specify Color)

Please feel free to call in your order
Joe - 800-390-4765 or 805-512-1890

Quantity Description Price
Please select a ShippingMethod
1 - 50 Serenity Stones/
50+ Serenity Stones
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