Hello dear all reformists,
salam reformasi. the Sangang by-election in Pahang state is coming soon, any
of u all have any idea on how to pancing the votes, especially the Chinese
votes which accounted to 30 % of the total voters ?
anyone can tell them that which one is more harmful to our country and
people, either internal security act, official secret act, publishing and
printing act, univ and univ college act, among others, just to name a few,
or the potong tangan Hudud law ?
one point should be made clear....your tangan won't be potong unless u are a
criminal, but under the previous mentioned Zalim laws, u will be imprisoned
or be brought to Kamunting, Bukit Aman anytime, and it is free for u to get
a charge such as sodomy or stuff like that from them. some more have to be
prepared to have a mata lebam !~
if u all can convince them to the consensus that zalim laws are more
harmful, u win, and WE WIN. .... otherwise, they are afraid more to potong
tangan, even they are not committing any crimes, and Maha's puak PWTC will
still be the winner....
why Chor Chee Hung said Harakah homepage can only update twice monthly,
while the PWTC gang can update e-umno daily ? 31 times monthly at least.
and now Malacca state has ceased contract with those professionals that work
in Govt sector. anybody has any idea what to say ?
hope webmasters, editors and reformists can write some more articles to
enlighten those still in the dark and those who believe corruption and
cronyism is the best way to bring our Malaysia to Vision 2020....
what Vision 2020 lah.... promoting IT with limiting the access to
information (eg : Harakah), when only 4 Chinese satellite channels they also
wanna comdemn....
those Chinese people.... they won't die if there are ISA, OSA, AUKU...etc,
they can still enjoy life without Harakah or, but they will
definately die if there is no more TVB serial dramas.... hahahahaha !~
and what about the UTM Lunar New Year exhibition being banned ? what about
Edu minister Musa Mohd said that there is sufficient Chinese primary schools
in Malaysia ?
use appropirate and touching issues to attract votes.... if they still wanna
support the Chinese discriminating regime, then, let it be, padan muka. let
them live in an country with no freedom of information except serial dramas,
let their children go to schools that with over 50 pupils in a tiny
classroom with insufficient amenities, which they still have to donate much
money if they want the school to survive.... let them decide their future.
and to those who said that keADILan Shah Alam wanna oppose to the
construction of a Christian church in Batu Tiga Shah Alam....better behave
yourselves before more people hate u. There is nothing wrong with the
Biggest leaning Buddha in Tumpat, Kelate and the biggest mosque in Shah
Alam, so what about just a church ? be careful when u say anything without
using ur mind.
enlighten those in the dark, tell them what is the truth. show them the
justice. so plez write some more articles that can approach the voters, in
Sangang and also in 2004.
sekian, salam reformasi !~
yours sincerely,