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As an infant and a child, many of you did not receive the love and care you wanted and deserved.

Your brain became wired with thoughts and feelings of great limitation.

Later in life you began to grow and became more aware of how those limitations have caused your life to be less than joyful.

Healing and changing the beliefs which resulted from early childhood experiences is the process often called recovery.

It takes time.

So be kind to yourself and give yourself time to gain awareness and to learn how to make different choices.

Early childhood experiences caused you to develop limited identities and defense mechanisms from the hurts you received.

As a child you knew truth, but you were taught limitation.

You rebelled, but were punished.

You tried to express your thoughts and feelings, but they were denied and invalidated.

And now you are seeking to be rid of the pain.

You begin recovery by being honest with yourself.

Cease speaking negatively, but do not deny what you feel.

The power of positive thought and words is wonderful, but is only a beginning.

You must also change what you feel.

That is most easily accomplished by surrounding yourself with friends who have been there, and who understand what you are going through and trying to heal.

Then you can release the repressed emotions that have been blocking you from your joy.

By making more appropriate choices, you move forward and love and respect yourself more.

My recovery is a pathway of love.