We are a Jedi Knight editing group, making Jedi Knight like the game Rainbow 6. This webpage was designed for 800*600 resolution. So if you have it set on 640*400, don't send us e-mail saying it looks bad.

Friday, August 4 2000

Release and End

Well, after getting contacted by no one for weapons, I decided, it's over. I compiled the 11 completed skins in a gob that works with patch commander. I took out the weapons and bm's, just because they didn't really add anything to the mod part. If the download doesn't work here, get it at Massassi.

So after a year, it's time to close the site. We'll still be up, and there's a 2% chance something else might turn up from this, but it's over.

Download the R6 Multiplayer Skin pack, for JK



Friday, March 24 2000

Been Awhile

Well, work's been going on every now and then on the project. I sent part of the mod too JKBTG about a week ago and got the reports back from it yesterday. Reports are pretty good on the skins and backgrounds.

What I need now is someone to be a weapons editor. If you ever want this thing released I need a weapon maker. If you want to do it contact me at nightmare1z@hotmail.com

The future is now in your hands.....


If someone does decide to help then I'll work on a level to go with the mod too.

Monday, November 15 1999

Here's an Idea

Here's an idea that someone sent in that might seem to make this awesome. Recently, a person by the name of Nightmare, not me, released a bunch of cogs that let people play co-op multiplayer for Jedi Knight. Now I never thought of this before, because it wasn't out when we started this TC, but we could have a level where there's about 2-4 Rainbow members, (Have to take in consideration lag), and you play multiplayer co-op, with terrorists fighting you. That way you can play with a team game, have team stradegy, and have some team fun in mutliplayer. I'll look into it.

I want to thank everyone for sending in opinions, as I'm taking them all into consideration. Keep sending them in, and if I haven't sent or posted a reply yet, I will soon. Stupid school...=( Doesn't allow me to do anything.


Friday, November 12 1999

Need Some Opinions

As I said, I compiled all of the skins into one pack, making it have a total of 11 skins. The skins being...

Assault Trooper (I'm calling them all trooper- might be changed)

Bandana (Red) Terrorist

Bandana (Blue) Terrorist

Security Terrorist

Security Terrorist 2 (Different Face)

Desert Trooper

Jungle Terrorist

Medium Armor Trooper

Street Trooper

Urban Trooper, Heavy

Jungle Trooper

That's it, and they're not the highest quality skins, but I think it should add to Jedi Knight. Haven't tested it for Mysteries of the Sith yet. Now I need your opinions, so far, its fine. I need to finish making the .snd files for them. What I need now is your opinions on anything else you would like to see, maybe a new gun, new projectiles, new lines when you die and pick up weapons, etc. Please tell me on the message board or e-mail me and I'll see what I can do.

Thursday, November 11 1999

The Wake-up Call

Well, as you can see we've downgraded from a TC to a mod. Yep, get that right, I finally realized that there was no way I would finish this as a TC.

1) It was a cool idea to make a TC out of the game R6, but why not just play the game...=(

2) No Dedicated workers, well, only members left are me and JAG, are skinner. Commander left for other projects as he decided it was going nowhere.

3) Lost Interest, there's so much other stuff we could be doing that we lost sight of the future, and lost sight of the TC.

Well, seems like not much hope left, but there you're wrong. I've decided not to let all the work go to waste. The MOD will mainly be a skinpack, of all the skins we have completed, and it will be in one package. I might include a level, but I'm not making any promises, time is just demanding. Look for some updates and please leave me some kind of message on the message board saying that you're interested at all. The only reason I'm working on this is to show that something came good out of this TC. I've already seen all the skins, played with them, etc. I'm not doing this for me, I'm doing it to make the JK community a little better. Until next time....


Wednesday, July 7 1999

Screenplay for Finale: Done

After spending a huge amount of time trying to come up with the right words and lines for the Finale Cutscene, I finished and it sounds great. I have also gotten great music that will go with it, and the best part is, is that it doesn't violate any copyright laws. I was inspired by a movie on how this cutscene will look...but it'll be awesome.


Sunday, July 4 1999

Happy Independence Day

Go out and enjoy the fireworks...

New Member

One last new member, Loco, a Level editor. He should be the last member we need to finish the project.

Thursday, July 1 1999

Off the Topic

I know this isn't about the TC, but today I (Demon_Nightmare) released a Jedi Knight multiplayer level I made in my free time. You can see 2 screenshots and download it with the links below. If it says file not found when you try to download the server is full so keep on trying. Demon_Nightmare

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

Download Forbidden Grounds

New Member

We have a new member to work on the TC, Crimson Guard.

Happy Canada Day

Just thought I would throw that in!

Monday, June 28 1999

New Members

We have a 2 new editors on the team, please welcome GOD_Poison_ESFS and Oz_Darth_Maul. GOD will work on hostage skins while Oz does the first level, Airport.

Commander is Back

Commander has returned to the TC so welcome him back!!!! Demon_Nightmare

Friday, June 25 1999

Commander's Modem Broken

Just got word today Commander's Modem is broken, that is why he hasn't responded to any of your guys requests to join. He should be back soon! Demon_Nightmare

Wednesday, June 23 1999

Work finally getting done

Finally something is getting accomplished in the opening cutscene. I'm working on making a terrorist that crouches in the cutscene. I've put up a screenshot of me working in Puppet Jedi on the Screenshot page. Demon_Nightmare

Monday, June 21 1999

New Screenshot up

Since the release of the new Puppet Jedi I've started working on the terrorists. Here is a shot.


Thursday, June 10 1999

Not Much Going On

Sorry for not having any updates lately. Not much has been going on. Work should get started again next week.

Saturday, June 5 1999

New Screenshot

I've posted up a screenshot of a area I'm working on in the opening cutscene. It's still has some work to do, but I've done a lot in this area. For example, in this area that you see, it's only about 4 JKU big, or 4 grid squares long, and about 2 JKU or 2 grid squares wide, (Used in JED), there is over 200 surfaces in this space. The framerate isn't bad either, which is a big plus as bad framerate really hurts a level. Also I fixed the error in the table for Thursday. Demon_Nightmare

Level's ect..

OK! Atomic Weasle is done except for the guns and skins.. And I am also pleased to announce that I am going to be making the Air Port level because you probably already know that Ped_Head has left the TC. Commander

Thursday, June 3 1999

Opening Cutscene

I've started working on the Opening Cutscene for the TC. Status reports will be updated as needed. Also, the link to HOV up top is because Commander is a member of HOV. Demon_Nightmare

Monday, May 31 1999


Weapons are coming along nicely now. I'm working on making the mats for when a bullet hits something that little particles fly off. I also got it now that you can see a bullet being fired. More later. Demon_Nightmare

Sunday, May 30 1999

Follower .COG

I am going to email the creator of JK WarZone to ask him if he could give us that cog or atleast tell us where to get it, so Demom_Nightmare.. I will tell you tomarow if I get it or now.-Commander

Atomic Weasle

Just a brief note, Atomic Weasle will be Single Player, and that it is pretty much complete in architecture. Also, I tried working on getting players to follow you around using the max cogs in Jedi Knight, where max follows you around, but it's not that great, as the teammate doesn't always fire, and he walks like a moron, and it is hard for him to follow you. We'll try to get the coggers working on this problem, as it was done in Warzone with the lady following you around after you found her. Demon_Nightmare

TC Status

Here is a brief look at how far we are done in some areas. It looks like we will be using the Rainbow 6 member in street gear as the main person you play as. I have created the sounds and .snd for him. As for the weapons, I got the sounds working, but I'm still working on the projectile. I'm getting closer to figuring it out so it shouldn't be much longer. That's it for now, pretty soon I'll start working on the enemies. Demon_Nightmare

Thursday, May 27 1999

2 New Screenshots

Even though progress is going slow on some ends, Commander has been working on his level called Atomic Weasel. It hasn't totally been decided upon what it will be, sp or mp, etc. Check them out on the screenshots page. Demon_Nightmare


Wednesday, May 26 1999


Not much is going on right now for the TC, as school work is keeping us away from editing. The only other thing to report is that Nicky267 has taken over Commander's own webpage. She was supposed to help be a webmaster yet changed the password and now runs the site. Demon_Nightmare

Saturday, May 22 1999

3 New Screenshots

I've posted up the screenshots of the 3 latest skins JAG has been working on, two terrorists that look alike except for their face, and a medium desert trooper. Demon_Nightmare

Friday, May 21 1999

New Skins

As you can tell, Commander is back, so now we'll have to put names after our post so you know who it is. Today JAG sent me 3 new skins, 2 terrorists in body armor and 1 Rainbow officer in a wide brim hat. He says he got the 3do of the guy in the wide brim hat from Al MacDonal, and just changed the mats. I will put up screenshots soon of the new skins...-Demon_Nightmare

Thursday May 20 1999

2 New Screenshots-Commander

We have posted 2 NEW screenshot's of the MP level in the Rainbow 6 TC which I am making.

Commander is Back!-Commander Hi everyone! It's me Commander! I am finaaly back after a couple of day's waiting for the Computer to get fixed. Please note: We are looking for another level editor to replace Ped Head since he has left. Also, If you want to play me on the zone my zone name is RBS_Commander

Monday, May 17, 1999

New Skin Screenshot

Once again, JAG has sent in some more skins. He sent me 3 new skins in beta period, one has been posted on the screenshot page. He said he is working on some terrorists skins right now. Progress is going faster than we anticipated...so this could mean faster release date.

ICQ Updated

The missing ICQ #'s have been added to the members page.

Ped Head is gone

Sad news today for the TC, Ped Head has left because he became to overwhelmed with work. He says he has started his own TC and that he couldn't keep up with the R6 TC. This means we need another level editor.

Commander is Still Alive

After the many, and I mean many, rumors of what happened to Commander, I saw sign today that he is still around. He updated his webpage finally and posted on the Discussion Board at Massassi Temple. He says his computer is in the shop, he should be back some time soon.

Friday, May 14, 1999

Story Finished

After many debates on what will be in the TC and level plots, one has finally been made. Please members, don't give away the story to others. The overview page has changed a little, doesn't tell that much anymore.

New Screenshot from Ped Head

Ped Head has sent in a new screenshot of a 3do he has made for his level. Looks pretty good...

Member Leaves

IRN_Baker_JKD has left the project, apparantly thinking it was going to be a Multiplayer Conversion.

Brand New Screenshot

Someone named JAG, who might join the team, sent in a skin of a Rainbow 6 member in desert gear. I've put it on the screenshot page. This brings me to our next objective...

Vote for the Walkplayer

This is a problem that we will have to face due to that we can only put in one starting player...or we can make it really complicated. I'm suggesting that when all the skins are done of the Rainbow 6 team, we will vote on which one we want to play as. Then in the cutscenes we can use the others, and maybe release a multiplayer skin pack of the skins. -Demon_Nightmare

Thursday, May 13, 1999

One more Screenshot

I've posted a new screenshot of a HK .45 MARK23-SD.

Updated again at 11:08 EST

Looks like we might have another skinner who will help us. I've also put up a new screenshot of a weapon in development. It seems no one in the Jk community wants to do weapons, so I'm taking a try at it. See it at the screenshot page.

New Screenshot

Ped_Head has posted up a new screenshot of his level on the screenshot page. Be sure to check that out.

New Members

Two new people have been added to the team, Vader130 and IRN_Baker_JKD.

Wednesday, May 12, 1999

New Screenshot

Posted a new screenshot today. This is going to be from the opening cutscene I'm working on. I don't know if I'll keep this in the cutscene. You aren't going to be able to play in this screenshot, this is just going to be where the camera starts.

Possible New Members

We might have two new members joining the TC team, both of them level designers. Still no sign from Commander as of yet, he should show up though. I've started on the opening cutscene's architecture, soon it should be done. -Demon_Nightmare

Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Status Update

I've decided that weapon's arent' my department. I'm going to try to find a weapon designer. Today I made the bm file for our TC. You know the screen that shows up when you first start Jedi Knight. Well I changed the backround for it. A final note is that if Commander doesn't show up by Friday, then one of us will have to take control until he gets back.

Project Continues

Well, still no sign from Commander. Maybe he's on vacation. I'm working on the frag grenades right now. I changed all the thermal 3do's into gray balls, to see how it worked. It took me awhile to get the projectile right, but now its fine. Today I'm going to work on finishing the mats, which will make that weapon done, and make it look like a frag. Still not a status report on the skins yet, but I imagine they're coming along. Once I finish all the weapons, I'm going to put them in a zip file, and send them to every level designer on how to put them into your levels, and what ammo not to put in. I'm not making 10 new guns, I don't have that much time. I'm going to make a CAR-15 as your primary weapon, then have a pistol, which one we haven't decided, and frag grenades. These will be the basic weapons so far, and I might make more for the game. The reason you can't put every kind of ammo in the level, is that we want it to be a little realistic, and if you picked up some rail charges and I hadn't made a gun for that, then you would be able to shoot a rail detonator in the TC. This would totally ruin us off. My suggestion is this for all of us, I need to talk to Commander first, but I think we should release first a three level pack, or around there. It will leave a cliffhanger ending, then we could work on a new pack with new skins, weapons, and levels. Still no response from Ped_Head or Maheda on the TC, so we might need to look for some more level designers. That's it for now, signing off for bed. 12:00- Demon_Nightmare

Monday, May 10, 1999

Work Starting

Work is already starting on the project. Squall and Rinoa are working on the skins of the Rainbow members. Right now I'm working on new weapons for the Total Conversion. I've posted a screenshot of me fooling around with the weapons. Remember, we have to get the basics done first, which is skins, story, and weapons. Haven't talked to Commander yet about the plot, once its ready he'll tell the level designers what to do. Demon_Nightmare

Opening of Site

Here it is, the Rainbow 6 TC page. It's officially opening today. I'm going to try to get us on a faster server, but this is where we'll start. You'll see the sidebar on the left, and notice the text above this post. If the pictures seem too big where you have to scroll to see them all, or they're too small, then change your resolution. We are currently in need of members, so if you can do any kind of editing for Jedi Knight contact us at either nightmare1z@hotmail.com or commander_7@yahoo.com Demon_Nightmare