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We have been very busy with building our web pages, finding the errors in software as we reinstall after computer crashes,and gathering and chatting with our friends. This TapRoom is invisioned to becomming the area where we can exchange ideas and experineces and successes as we come upon them. You are welcome to join in by e mailing me directly of your ideas and comments or use my guest book on page one. Some new pages and links are belowin the link section. Here is news of recent note:

1. WD4KMP my present spouse wrote an article that has been Accepted for publication in 73 AMATURER RADIO TODAY! magazine. Congradulations MIKE! I will let you know as soon as the issue is set when it will appear.

2.I will seek permission to post the article here (in the pms pub ham radio room page) or in the ham radio pod itself after it is published.

3.I spoke to the head honcho(no disrespect intended - read the Staff page of the magazine - Augest 1998 was fun, over there by phone,its kinda startling to have a person of this prestiege taking all his various corporate calls at home since he said it was his turn to phone sit, what a nice way to run a company, over the weekend and found out he has a sight on where he stores many items of intrest, and opinion, on health, radio, childrearing, and many other things. You might give it a try on a rainey weekend afternoon.Its a very Long web site.

4.If you have an office or a business in the Orlando Fl area my 9year old has a Web page he would like you to visit. He has several expensive items he would like to get in the next few months and with Mike sr being ill, it dosent look likely, so he is attempting to take the reins into his own hands.

5.Packard Bell Legend 1510 Surpremes DO not Like Being reformated after crashes and show thier distain of the process by not melding well with the windows 95 on the master disks sets by always being weird with the vxd files that win installs, amoung a few other hinky things. A NOTE: have been advised by the techs at both PB and Sears and BELLSOUTH DOT Com tech supports: DO NOT have printer hooked up when doing reformats and reinstallls of windows, This after we did 6 different ones on the phone with them before they remembered to ask or advise!!

6 re my other son advises that my computer does not play old really dirty scratched up and warped playstation cds without really messing up my system and command files! This comes after the 2 wks of resets!!! I may have to reformat again tommrow, so one more to go I hope I remember to unplug the printer!!!!

all for now this is PMS in the PMS PUB TAP ROOM Sept 19,1998


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