Using only the best materials available to bring you quality production, craft and hobby molds.

On the following pages you will find a selection of quality molds from AMERICAN, INDIANA HOBBY,HOLLAND MOLDS, PMC, FIREHOUSE and retired Ceramichrome.

Please review our online catalog, it is the same as our printed catalog, the only difference is that we ask you to be patient while the graphics load on the web page.

To order please make notes of the item description and Mold number on each page , when your order is complete, you may place your order by clicking on our email icon at the bottom of each page and filling out your order or you may fax us at 928-395-9261. If you would like to have a black & white catalog please send $3.95 to:

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American Molds online Catalog

Page 1: Eagle, Mission Pot, Angels & Little People Nativity
Page 2: Eagle, Vases, Bell, Duck, Pig, Lamb, & Cardinal
Page 3: Koala, Seagull, Duck, Church, Santa, Bears
Page 4: Cats, Santa, Scotties
Page 5: Nativity Set, Madonna, Santa Plate, Indian
Page 6: Indian girl, Bear Frame, Teddy Bear, Bowl & Pitcher, Carousel Horse, Cow Set
Page 7: Flight to Egypt, Pumpkin, Rooster, Manger Scene, Ginger Jar
Page 8: Basset, Collie, Dane, Schnauzer, Beagle, Shepherd, Pug, Husky, Poodle
Page 9: Yorkie, Poodle, Basset, Beagle, Schnauzer, Terrier, Husky, St. Bernard
Page 10: Setter, Spaniel Lab., Bulldog, Shepherd, Dachshund, Doberman, Pompie
Page 11: Setter, Spaniel, Retriever, Chihuahua, Wire Terrier, Scotty, Boxer, Greyhound
Page 12: Shar-Pei, Afghan, Chow, Pekingese, Rottweiler, Dalmation, Shih Tzu
Page 13: Sheep, Birds, Bears, Deer, Turtle, Angel
Page 14: Elephant, Bunny, Polar Bear, Horse,Box with Lid
Page 15: Killer Whale, Dolphin, Vases, Basket, Lions
Page 16: Ginger Jars & Vases
Page 17: Vases & Jars
Page 18: Christmas Trees, Corn Dish, cheerleader
Page 19: Planters, Plain Cup, Ring dish, Sports Figures, Eggs
Page 20: Snowman, Christmas Tree, Arrowhead, Cowbell
Page 21: Holland Mold Items
Page 22: Holland Mold Items
Page 23: Holland Mold Items
Page 24: Under Construction
Page 25: Under Construction

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