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An Interview with Intra Moenia

Interview of Intra Moenia: questions asked by Dan Stiles for the "French Connection"

1.Can you present to us Intra Moenia?
The terrorists of Rock and Roll.

2.What do you think of the U.S scene from the 80's and 90's.Do you think that it's now time for bands like yours to be in front of the scene after the grunge's decrease?
Absolutely. The U.S scene has always been the same, a talented band comes out with a great new sound and the industry copies it until it becomes tired. The fans become dejected, lose faith in Rock and Roll and then a new sound comes out and the cycle starts all over again. It's easier for the industry to create bands instead of finding them, but this inevitably creates a scene where everything sounds the same.

3.What are your influences?
Each member has different influences;
Deadman Walkins(Drummer):Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Ozzy, Peter Gabriel, AC DC, Madonna, Gershwin…
Dr. John Watson(Bass): The Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath, MC5, Stray Cats, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden,
Skinny Puppy…
Valody (vocals, guitar): Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Cheap Trick, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Led
Zeppelin, Blondie, Queen, Concrete Blonde, Fleetwood Mac…

4.What does Intra Moenia mean?
Intra Moenia means "within the walls" .The band's logo is a picture of a skull or woman wearing a crown made from a wall, so the inference is obvious.

5.How do you define your style?
The best description of the band's style so far was given by Stefano Morelli of "Rumore" magazine. He called the band Gothic-Psycadelic.

6.What are your lyrics talking about?
Spitting in the Mirror is an album dedicated to the pursuit and cost of freedom. The first 7 songs list the greatest threats to freedom and the last song is a celebration of freedom.
The ideology is as follows:
Judgement: "Who are We" is a song about the austere nature of American culture and it's closed view on how things should be and people should act.
Isolation: "Bobby's Dead" is a song about a woman who weeps over the death of a TV star. This song is about America's love affair with celebrity and how people begin to care more about a face on a screen than the people around them.
Comfort: "Bandits of Athens" is a song about a group of small town kids who run to the city, only to find that their love of excitement cannot over-power their need for security and the comforts of home.
Despair: "Avatar" is a song about a girl who loses all hope and takes her own life.
Repression: "As You Were" was written in the studio, a reaction to the producers attempt (and partial success) to "tone down the band". The band has told me that playing in the studio was like playing in shackles.
Regret: "Hell or High Water" is a song about a man pining over a lost love.
Conformity: "Comedy of Manners" is a song about how society always seems to build a new cage in it's attempts to destroy the old ones. Society seems to embrace freedom, but when it's achieved it's always sabotaged and destroyed.
"Lovesong for the Insane" is a song about the price paid for freedom, the violent and terrifying world one must inhabit to achieve it. It is also a song dedicated to the beautiful nature of freedom, and how it is well worth that price.

7.When you see the U.S scene now, which bands have impressed you most?
Liz Phair, The Fly's, Hole, Joydrop

8.Can you talk about your upcoming projects?
The band will be playing through Alabama and Nashville in Dec. and doing a tour through Europe beginning in May of '99 ( I think that tour includes France). The band will also be recording a new album in Jan.

9.How can we get your album?Price?
email James at and he'll set you up with a copy.

10.Any last words?
See you on Broadway.