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Sapphire House is a clean, comfortable, Caribbean Host Home situated in the picturesque valley of Diego Martin, west of the capital city of Port-of-Spain. In the township of Diamond vale, it is a short walk from the home of Wendy Fitzwilliam, the 1998 Miss Universe pageant winner. One can relax in the many parks of this township or leave it to explore the many aspects of Trinidad and Tobago that are accessible.

Sapphire House offers warm hospitality, with clean rooms and a breakfast that is tasty and filling.


The hosts are warm and friendly and yet not intrusive. Their aim is to please, and to make their guests remember with delight their visit to Trinidad and Tobago.



Sapphire House, as expected, offers clean, cool, large rooms.


Then there's the exciting and ample breakfast, which the hostess flavours with freshly picked herbs from her herb garden. We also offer personal advice and assistance to make your stay as perfect as possible.


We can arrange taxi pick-up at the airport, which usually averages about $30 US. We also assist with finding car rentals at competitive prices.

We can also help to arrange sight-seeing tours to places of interest.

Places of Interest

In Diego Martin there are the Blue Basin waterfall, North Post Wireless station, and the waterwheel. A short distance away, are the Chaguaramas Public Golf Course, Macqueripe Beach, the Military Museum, and several marinas. And of course there are the nearby beaches.

The capital city of Port-of-Spain is ten minutes away. Its many well known features, include the National Museum and Art Gallery, the architectural wonders around the famous Grand Savannah, which is the environmental heart and lungs of the city, providing green spaces and recreational fields, and serving as the world's largest roundabout.

In the same area there are the President's House, and the Botanical Gardens. The city abounds with features that cities are famous for, including incredible shopping at prices you wouldn't believe.

Outside of the city, a half-hour's drive away is the famed Maracas Bay, which is always well patronised. On the two days after carnival, the bay seethes with humanity that can't simply stop the party, but use it as a place to unwind and to extend the frolics.

There are many sight seeing tours and spaces, for nature lovers. They might perhaps get a different insight into life and nature as they travel through mountains, valleys and over rolling plains that provide a vista of flora, fauna, agriculture and landscape that celebrate the diversity of nature here.

Single - $30 US
Double - $50 US
Carnival Fri - Tue: $175 US per person

Phone 868-637-4516
Fax 868-637-7878
Email The Manageress


This is the house we bought when we were first married. It has grown, like us, through the years. This page is a tribute to the House and some of the things that developed there. It is the place where two young teachers developed their craft and themselves, and rose to the higher echelons of their profession. It's the place where two children grew up surrounded by the arts and academics.

It is a place that spawned a literary movement, journal, newsletter, two poets, four authors, a musician, and where the children distinguished themselves academically according to the standards of their society. It is a place where great Caribbean writers visited and shared ideas with local artists.

It is also a real place where love, life, death, pain, suffering, weakness and strength manifested themselves. It is a place where youth turned to age, innocence to experience, and hopefully, knowledge will turn to wisdom.

This page will show many aspects of life at Sapphire Drive. You are welcome to explore them.

Sapphire House stories to tell the young children

By Sylvia Gonzalez

Gypsy and the Thief

Liza's Christmas Gift

Carnival Monday

Easter Breakfast

Gonzalez - The Mayo Line