Ogden Dunes history

Wow, I've got the Ogden Dunes history bug! Are there any publications to hip me to it painlessly? -- Plenty has been written about Ogden Dunes, on-line and off. Some of it is even true. Maybe I'll add a bibliography and live links here someday.

What's the deal on these here dunes anyway? -- Why not read this 1917 dunes advocacy publication?

'Have any purdy pictures, from several decades ago, for me to glance over? -- Here're a few. I'll integrate them more usefully into other pages later.

What can I do to help further the cause of historical enlightenment re: Ogden Dunes? -- There are plenty of opportunities for volunteering to help out on various historical projects.
The town's house histories are far from complete. It would be nice to have the story of each building in town. If you can fill in the gaps, please help. Several house histories have now been posted up here to the Web itself. Check them out.
Out-of-towners or travelers can help, too, if you are willing to stop by a library.

Take a look at our town e-mail addresses list.

How did the Historical Society of Ogden Dunes, Indiana, Inc., (which has nothing to do with this Web-page, come to be? -- Find out.

Interested in old newspaper articles on other subjects? Here are a few which have been stuck up on the Web for you.
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'Wonder why some of these links do not lead anywhere, no matter what you do? and why some of the projects, mentioned long ago, still do not appear here? An explanation.

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