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And so it goes, another version of North Again crashes. You can still get all our music which is for sale here. To let you know where the members decided to go: Larry is running Looks Great Sportswear and is playing in The Coal Palace Kings. Bill bought a house, i think he has a great job and is a writer for Metroland. Dan is concentrating on his Figgs record collection and the Looks Great business with his brother. As for me... I'm an Art Director for Rueckert Advertising and I'm continuing the N Again style of music with a three piece rock outfit called Blackcat Elliot which also features Steve Gregory and Mark Klein. For all those people that miss the chaos and upbeat rock at N. Again shows, don't worry, catch a CPK gig or a BCE gig and see the influence that N Again has given us.
Thanks and peace out.....

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Previous North Again members:
Rob Wheeler (co founder)
Jamie St. Denis (co founder)
and Any Hearn

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