This is Sachin Tendulker in SHARJAH in the Wills tournament, once again he has gone for a big hit. Look at the Gilchrists face doesn't he look deflated.


This is Sachin Tendulker In England in 1996, when India were touring England. At the time Sachin Tendulker was struggling with his form, but he still managed to score a few runs. Here he is trying to take a sneaky single.


Here is Sachin Tendulker again in England, this when Jack Russell used to wicket keep. In this tournament Jack Russell made a hundred for the first time in his career and devastated the Indians. That same day India had a few tricks up their sleeves even though SACHIN TENDULKER was out of form. That same day Navjot Singh Sidhu and Vinod Kambli both made century's.

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