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Meaning of Zionism
Zionist Organisation

Zionist Finances

Meaning of Zionism

The name Zionism was coined by Nathan Bimbaum in 1886 and was adopted at the First Zionist Congress held at Basle in 1897.

To the non-Jews Zionism is presented as the ideal of all Jews to return to their beloved fatherland, Palestine, and the rebuilding of a Jewish State there. That such an explanation has been possible is a striking proof of the world's ignorance of Jewish national and religious aims and organisation. A close study of Jewish literature, both Zionist and non-Zionist, reveals that Zionism is a movement to attain the Jewish Messianic ideal of world domination.

It must be understood that there is a profound difference between the Christian and Jewish conceptions of the Messiah. On the one hand it is that of the Messenger of God coming to earth to redeem the whole of humanity and to show the way to the real Kingdom of God. On the other it is that of an individual who will be a world ruler and will lead the Jewish people, as the specially chosen nation, to spiritual and material domination. No doubt weary of waiting for the Messiah, in more recent times the Jews have tended to identify the Messiahship with the Jewish nation itself and not to any particular individual.

"And the Messianic age means for the Jew not merely the establishment of peace on earth and goodwill to men, but the universal recognition of the Jew and his God."

Zionist Organisation

A description of the Zionist organisation is necessary before Jewish national aspirations can be appreciated.

The organisation of Zionism is governmental-it calls itself democratic and has a representative Parliament. Mr. Ettinger, LLB., a Zionist, in May, 1929, submitted a report to the Zionist Conference at Sydney, Australia, from which the following is extracted;-

"Modem Zionism is a continuation of the Messianic doctrine without its theological egg-shells."

"The Zionist Organisation is a body unique in character, with practically all the functions and duties of a government, but deriving its strength and resources not from one territory but from some seventy-two different countries.

"The supreme government is in the hands of the Zionist Congress, composed of over 200 delegates, representing shekel-payers of all countries. Congress meets once every two years. Its powers between sessions are delegated to the General Council, generally known as the Actions Committee, which meets three or four times a year, or more frequently if necessary. It counts about ten members. "Both bodies are strictly democratic, since they are elected in accordance with the principles of proportional representation. Every Jew accepting the Zionist programme and paying the shekel (Is. to 5s.) per year, has the right to vote.

The Zionist Executive is our Cabinet, and is composed of two sections—P.Z.E. (Palestine Zionist Executive), and the London Zionist Executive. Each member of the executive is responsible for a definite department. At the present moment Professor Brodetzky is in charge of political work in London ; Dr. Rosenblueth is in charge of organisation (he is our Home Secretary); Col. F. Kish, political affairs in Palestine; Mr. Sacher, settlement in Palestine; Miss H. Szold, public health and education; Mr. Vanvriesland is the Chancellor of our Exchequer.

"Dr. Weizmann is our President and Mr. Sokolow our Prime Minister. "Our organisation contains sections based on certain political differences, such as the Labour section, the Mizrahi section (orthodox) and the Revisionists section (holding extreme political views). And these sections form part and parcel of the Zionist Organisation, and join in all branches of Zionist work.

"This world-wide machinery finds its repetition in each country in federations, such as the Australian Zionist Federation, the English Zionist Federation (of which Lord Melchett is President), etc... Political' relations between the Zionist Organisation, in its present capacity of Jewish Agency, and Great Britain, as the Mandatory Government, are gradually assuming a fixed and regular course. Constant touch is maintained with the Colonial Office in London, and permanent negotiations are conducted in Jerusalem. The Zionist representative with the League of Nations has an officially recognised standing. Through him we have a certain influence with the Mandates Commission. Pro-Palestine Committees, composed of the leading statesmen of each country, have been formed in France, Germany, Italy, and South Africa, and are in the process of formation in other countries. In London the British Palestine Mandate Society performs the same task of gaining non-Jewish sympathy for our movement."

The seat of the Zionist Government is in England at 77, Great Russell-street, London. The present President is Dr. Chaim Weizmann, who was elected at the last Zionist Congress, replacing Mr. Nahum Sokolow (September, 1935, at Zurich).

Zionist Finances.

The resources of the Zionist Government come from taxes and contributions, not voluntary, but levied upon the Jewish people already heavily taxed by their own Kehillahs, and who must also pay the regular taxes of the countries that harbour them. To this effect, two tax-gathering funds have been created, one the Jewish National Fund (Keren Hayemeth) founded in 1901 at the fifth Zionist Congress, the other the Keren Hayesod founded in 1921.

The tax imposed upon the people by the Zionists and collected for the Keren Hayesod fund is called Ma'aser.

The official definition of both terms is:-

"The Keren Hayesod is the public treasury to build Jewish Palestine.

Its functions are governmental functions such as would under normal conditions be met out of compulsory taxation.

"Ma'aser is the tenth part or tithe of his capital and income which every Jew is obligated to give for the benefit of all Israel.

"…The Keren Hayesod has revived the demand for Ma'aser to provide for the National interests of the Jewish people. The tithe principle has been accepted in its most stringent form. The Congress declared it as the absolute duty of every Zionist to pay tithes to the Keren Hayesod. It added that those Zionists who failed to do so, should be deprived of their offices and honorary positions.


"In connection with this, power has been given to the Board of Directors of the Keren Hayesod, to fix minimum salaries free from tithe payments.

"The Congress has issued a call to the whole of the Jewish people to pay tithes on all fortunes and incomes and to lay the on of the Jewish National Home by making the Keren Hayesod the general fund of the entire Jewish people." To this Jabotinsky, the Prominent Zionist, added :-

"The Keren Hayesod is a State tax and can be described in no other way.

No Jew has done his duty until he has paid the Ma'aser. This is the old Jewish law. It is a hard law, but the Jewish people will have to enforce it upon every one of its members. It is well known that the collection of any tax by another Government is not allowed in any country. It would be considered an infringement of its sovereign rights. Yet the taxation of Jews by their own State and communities (Kehillahs) is allowed to go on unchecked.

One wonders in what manner monies thus collected are taxed by the Sovereign State, in this country, the British Government.


From the above and similar quotations from Jewish sources, it is plain that Zionism is designed to arouse Jewish national consciousness.

"What, then, is Zionism! What is its underlying idea?" The underlying idea of Zionism is that of Jewish nationality."

Zionism being the Jewish Messianic ideal of world domination, it may be relevant here to trace a brief history of the results of Jewish national aspirations in recent times.

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