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Palestine Oasis

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Super-Government Objective.
Summary and Conclusion

Super-Government Objective.

HAVING gained Palestine for a Zionist State, all that remains for the accomplishment of Jewish Messianic aims is to make Palestine the seat of a super-Government over all the nations of the world.

That super-Government already exists, and is rapidly increasing its power. It is the League of Nations.( called United Nations now) "The League of Nations is a Jewish idea. We created it after a fight of 25 years."

"The League of Nations is a Jewish idea, and Jerusalem will some day become the capital of the world's peace."

For the benefit of anyone who might still be under the impression that the League of Nations is merely a peace medium and not a super-State, the oath which League officials take is reprinted

"I solemnly undertake to exercise in all loyalty, discretion and conscience the functions that have been entrusted to me so...........of the League of Nations, to discharge my functions and to regulate my conduct with the interests of the League alone in view and not to seek or receive instructions from any Government or other authority external.'

To quote the words of Mr. G. B. Shaw—

"In the atmosphere of Geneva patriotism perishes; patriot there is simply a spy who cannot be shot."

Under the cloak of' peace "(actually, passive slavery under the Jews), the League is enforcing the" one law, one rule, one faith " which Adolphe Cremieux stated were the ideals of Judaism.

In the future World State which Zionists have planned private property and initiative are to be abolished. -To this end British people are rapidly being dispossessed of their wealth by the various planning "Boards " which the National Government has set up. The inspiration of these Boards, which function in the same way as the Russian "Soviets," is to be found in the Political and Economic Planning Group (PEP.), whose chairman is the Zionist Israel Moses Sieff

When all wealth and production is vested in these controlling Boards, industries are to be mortgaged as a whole to the Bank for International Settlements, a League of Nations creation, which will issue long-term loans for the purpose of development. The non-Jewish population will be forced to pay ever-increasing tribute in the form of interest. Usury is thus to be enthroned, with armed forces (the International Police Force) to compel the payment of taxes.

In the realm of religion, a study of the Intellectual Co-operation section of the League makes it plain that the" one faith "which the League of Nations seeks to impose upon the world is Theosophy. The occult practices of this anti-Christian religion give spiritual domination (mind control) to" Hidden Masters," popularly located in Thibet. Theosophy makes considerable use of Cabbalism (Jewish mysticism) and is closely allied to Rosicrucianism, the occult power behind English Freemasonry.

Summary and Conclusion

Sufficient information has been given in this pamphlet to prove that Zionism interprets the Jewish national aspiration, viz, world-rule over all non-Jews. There is nothing surprising in that objective, for most nations have considered it at some time. In the case of the Jewish Messianic ideal, however the goal is such a tyranny, and the methods are so diabolical, that it must be the bounden duty of every Christian who becomes informed of them to expose and combat them.

In attempting to Provide a solution to the Jewish problem, one necessarily enters the realm of controversy. It is clear, however, that others besides Jews may use Zionism as "a convenient peg upon which to hang a powerful weapon," and there is much to be said for any attempted solution including the provision of territory which will be the only country to which Jews may claim adherence.

From a Christian standpoint. there can be no final solution until the pagan Talmud and Kabbalah, the inspiration of Jewish Messianic schemes, remain solely as interesting records of a once fanatical and misguided nation.