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Palestine Martyres

Our Condolence to our martyres who dead for the sake of palestine And Jerusalem


m.abdufateh.jpg (11396 bytes)
Martyr Sheigh Abdu- ul- Fateh Muhammed Haja Mustafa, nicknamed Babi Abdullah. He was a rebel in the vicinity of Lawa' nabilis.

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Sheigh Shaheed Ferhaan al Sai'd

m.mohdsaleh.jpg (10187 bytes)
Qasimi leader martyr Muhammed Saleh Al Hamad nicknamed Babi Khalid ,a rebel.

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Sheigh Nimr Al Saadi (known as Qasimi) was one of the first leaders purchasing weapons . This was known as the Qasimi system, it was used to wound and challenge in the battlefield.

martrenooh.jpg (7650 bytes)A poet and Martyr Nooh Ibraheem [Qasimi].

m.Makzoumi.jpg (8827 bytes)
Muhammed Salim Magzoomi.He was a leader in the vicinity of Shifa'Umroo and Qara - ul -Mooheed.

m.yousfsaad.jpg (7992 bytes)
eader Shaheed/Martyr Yusuf Sai'd Abu Dara and around him his loyal suppoters in combat in the vicinity of Jineenin.

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Hussni El-saleh

He is 86 years old stiill alive and living now in bierut
He was the pleatinian leader with Martyre Qasam In 1936 and at north of palestine