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During, or immediately before, the 1967 war, Israeli leaders continued to declare that they have no territorial expansionist aims. Levi Eshkol, the Prime Minister, amongst others, declared on 5th June 1967 that Israel has no territorial ambitions and said, "We do not demand anything except to live in tranquillity in our present territory." These protestations soon vanished and on 9th June 1967, the same Eshkol declared "A new political reality in the Mid-East has been created," and a month later he told the correspondent of Der Spiegel that "Israel intends to keep the former Jordan part of Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip." The list of Arab territories scheduled for retention soon lengthened and included the entire West Bank of Jordan, the Syrian Golan Heights and much of Egyptian Sinai.


On 22nd November 1967, the Security Council unanimously passed its now well-known Resolution No 42 calling on Israel to withdraw from the territories it occupied in June 1967 and declaring the inadmissibility of acquisition of territory by force. The Security Council, amongst others, had obviously forgotten other territories Israel occupied by force in 1948. Despite that, Israel remains in arrogant defiance of the will of the Nations of the world, in occupation of these territories and refuses to co-operate with the U.N. representative, Dr. Gunnar Jarring, who was appointed as an intermediary to enforce this resolution. This defiance would not have been possible without the massive U.S. supply of arms to Israel, including Phantom Jets and the unconditional political support by the U.S. which is tantamount to an encouragement to continue this occupation, in contravention of U.S. duties and responsibilities, as a great power and permanent member of the Security Council, to enforce the Charter of the United Nations.


This state of affairs has continued since 1967 and the Arab Governments and their people waited for six years for the world body to exert itself and enforce its resolutions, but to no avail. Every effort, to secure peace, was shattered by Israeli intransigence and by-now undisguised expansionist aims with the U.S.A.'s unflinching support. This support was finally capped by the U.S. veto of an otherwise unanimous Security Council resolution in June 1973 calling on Israel to withdraw from occupied Arab territory. During the debate, the Egyptian Foreign Minister asked the council what message was he to take back to his people who have waited for six years to regain their land. After the U.S. veto, he stated that the only message he was able to take to his people was that they will either have to forgo their territory or liberate it by force of arms. In October 1973 the inevitable war came. It is the highest form of hypocrisy and dishonesty to describe Egyptian and Syrian attempts, at liberating their own land, as aggression. This would be equivalent to describing the Allies Normandy invasion in 1944 as aggression against Germany.


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