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The State of Israel owes its existence to a resolution of the U.N. General Assembly. Ironically, however, it has, since its creation, continued to hold in contempt and defy the resolutions and will of this world body.jews3.jpg (24026 bytes)
Jews Enemy Arresting Civlian Palestinains


All U.N. efforts and resolutions to settle the Palestinian conflict faltered because of Israel's defiant determination not to withdraw to the frontiers assigned to it by the 1947 U.N. partition resolution or to allow the refugees to return home. Israel's policy was, from the outset, to impose itself by force and to cow the neighbouring Arab States by brutal raids and reprisals, killing hundreds of civilians in retaliation for individual infiltrators who crossed the new military border-that separated the Arab villagers from their fields and orchards-to pick the fruit of the trees they themselves planted and to see their homes. These villagers initially went across unarmed, but later, after being attacked, carried personal arms and used them.


While not a single Arab State once attacked Israel or was condemned for any aggression against Israel, in violation of the 1949 Armistice Agreement, Israel was condemned, by the General Assembly and Security Council, for more than 40 aggressions against the Arab States. Outstanding among those aggressions was the Israeli invasion in October 1956 of the Gaza Strip and the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. This attack was perpetrated in collusion with France and Britain who wanted to occupy the Suez Canal, recently nationalised by the Egyptian Government.


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