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Contrary to Israel's expectations, her massive victory did not whisk the Palestinians out of existence, nor enable her to impose her dictat upon the Arabs.


The Palestinians, having waited for 20 years in their miserable refugee camps hoping to move world conscience and trusting in the U.N. to allow them to return to their homes and restore their legitimate rights in their homeland, found it all in vain. The U.N. passed resolutions but did not enforce them, when they conflicted with the wishes of Israel and her guardian the U.S. world public opinion was deaf to the Palestinian cries while it was all ears Zionist propaganda and demands to import 3,000,000 Russian Jews.


The Palestinians, finding all their country under Israeli occupation and its entire people either expelled or under alien rule, lost faith in the world community and came to realise that, even in this era of so-called civilisation, International Law and U.N. Charter, might is right and what is lost by force can be regained only by force. They intensified, therefore, their resistance by guerrilla attacks against Israeli military personnel and objectives. The Israelis retaliated by ruthless bombardment using Phantom jets and napalm against the defenceless men, women and children in their refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. The Palestinian resistance was vilified by Zionist propaganda and their captured members were savagely tortured in Israeli hands. The International Red Cross has at no time been given full access to these prisoners. In desperation, some Palestinian groups re-sorted-in retaliation for this savage torture and the massacres committed in the refugee camps-to acts of violence against civilians including hijacking of aircraft which culminated in the Munich tragedy in which the role of the Israeli and German Governments was less than innocent. Unpardonable as these acts in themselves are, it behoves all to remember the state of desperation the Palestinians reached and what caused it.


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