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Battery is a Metallica coverband that toured with Metallica during their Garage Days, Inc. tour. Be sure to check out their site and catch them on MTV on February 12th!!
Welcome to the year 2000!  Since I've now graduated college (finally, might I add)
I plan on adding more to my site and updating alot...
I've started a link to a page of Metallica lyrics and I'm working on adding more pics
of friends and family along with more Metallica and other people I find scrumpscious...

Metallica is one of the greatest bands known to man.
I don't think they have sold out, no matter what anybody says.
A true fan will love them no matter what!!
Me, of course, especially loving James...What a man!
I'm attempting to find other people's homepages that I think are decent.
If you would like me to add you to my page feel free to e-mail me.
I know there isn't much on here right now, but hopefully with time and
other people's help it will get off the ground quickly...

Thanks to all of you who signed my guestbook...I once again had to change it because they become outdated and what not....
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Some of My Other Stuff:

Metallica Lyrics
Lyrics from all their albums...
Non-Metallica Stuff of Mine
Here are some pics of friends and family and other assorted goods...
The Almighty Hetfield
An up and coming page of mine on my obsession, James Hetfield!
My Links
Some links for various sites...

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