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CD173:Casal Neal-Field Recordings
CD165:Casal Neal-Rain, wind and speed
CD121:Connolly Kevin-Little town 
CD161:Conoscenti Don-Boxes of bones 
CD174:Conoscenti Don-My brilliant masterpiece
CD139:Go to blazes- & other crimes (Lim.Ed.) 
CD131:Good Sons (the)-Singing the glory down
CD181:Good Sons (the)-Wines, Lines and Valantines
CD149:Greenway Greg-Singing for the landlord  
CD148:Henry Jim-Into the blue
CD147:Henry Jim-Jacksonville 
CD172:Jerling Michael-In another life
CD168:Jim's Big Ego-More songs about me
CD127:Kessler Barbara-Notion
CD128:Kessler Barbara-Stranger to this land
CD167:Lang Penny-Carry on children
CD141:Leak CD-Magazine n.07 
CD142:Leak CD-Magazine n.09
CD143:Leak CD-Magazine n.10 
CD144:Leak CD-Magazine n.11 
CD145:Leak CD-Magazine n.12 
CD163:McGinley Patrick-Recorded life
CD170:McWillimas Steve-Everywhere we go
CD175:Mulvey Peter-Deep blue
CD102:Mulvey Peter-Rapture 
CD107:Munyon David-Acrylic teepees
CD109:Munyon David-Code name:jumper
CD134:Munyon David-Slim Possibilities
CD108:Munyon David-Stories (Lim.Ed.)
CD124:Naked To The World-Pilgrim's kiss
CD113:Nelson Pete-Restless boys' club
CD155:Packenham Steve-Ever
CD179:Pasternak Deb-More
CD152:Payne Tom-Ten lucky pennies
CD178:Pettersen Ed-Somewhere south of here
CD135:Sangiolo Maria-Follow your own road
CD129:Sexton Martin-Black sheep
CD151:Sheridan Cosy-One sure think
CD112:Sheridan Cosy-Saturn return
CD115:Shivers (The)-The buried life
CD169:Swan Dive-You're beautiful
CD176:Taylor Louise-Ride
CD133:Taylor Louise-Ruby Shoes
CD153:Tucker Leslie-In this room 
CD154:VVAA-Alive hospice:friends for life (Lim.Ed.)
CD180:VVAA-Live at the Iron Horse
CD119:VVAA-Silos and utility sheds
CD103:VVAA-This is Boston/Not Austin (part 1)1995
CD160:VVAA-This is Boston/Not Austin (part 2)1997-2CD
CD158:Walker Jerry Jeff-Scump
CD159:Wheeler Erica-The Harvest
CD138:Wood Eric-Letters from the earth
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