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Make your name with real
Hieroglyphic letters

Here are some hieroglyphic letters I transloaded from a website i found in EXPLORE.. to link to these use this URL

and then add the file name.. for example the complete URL for the letter A is

a good way to link to them is to use a base href.. simple use this

<base href="">
<img src="a.gif">
<img src="b.gif">

and so on .. this will save you from typing the URL over and over..

for those of you who wish to transload your letters.. i have hrefed all of them to make them transload friendly

a.gif b.gif c.gif d.gif
e.gif f.gif g.gif h.gif
i.gif j.gif k.gif l.gif
m.gif n.gif o.gif p.gif
q.gif r.gif s.gif t.gif
u.gif v.gif w.gif x.gif
y.gif z.gif
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