Meher Baba's Discourses

 Meher Baba's discourses are a treasure house of spiritual literature. Baba would routinely give discourses to his disciples on spiritual matters records of which were meticulously kept. Through these discourses, Baba provided some of the most profound and lucid explanations on many a diverse subjects that ranged form God, creation of the universe, nature of duality, reincarnation on the one hand and on war, honesty, drugs, marriage on the other. Books such as God Speaks, Discourses, God to Man and Man to God, Lord Meher (Many Volumes), Nothing and Everything and many more provide detailed accounts of Baba's explanations of spiritual cosmology and spiritual world-view.

On this page, we have tried to put a few excerpts of some of these discourses. Rather than provide these discourse in their entirety, which of course is not possible due to the sheer quantum of literature; we have tried to provide a window to a paradise of spiritual literature. Detailed and unabridged discourses can be found in the above mentioned books, details of which can be seen by following the books link below.

As part of a continuing effort, we will try to put more excerpts of Baba's discourses on other topics in the time to come.


Meher Baba on Reincarnation

Search For God

Meher Baba on God and the Individual

Meher Baba on Violence and Non-Violence

Meher Baba on Honesty

Meher Baba on Drugs


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