Meher Baba's Bhopal Visits

Meher Baba visited Bhopal on quite a few occasions. The first of these visits was on 20th August 1924 when he was touring India. During this visit, Baba searched Sadhus (monks) in Bhopal and bowed to them.

Infact Prior to Baba's first Bhopal visit on 20th August 1924, Meher Baba with four women ( Pilamai, Gulmai, Khorshed & Soona) and fourteen men ( Adi Sr., Babu Rao, Baidul, Bar Soap, Behramji, Gustadji, Masaji, Nervous, Padri, Pendu, Ramjoo, Sarosh, Slamson & Jal) passed through Bhopal (but did not stop at Bhopal) on 26 May 1923 on an Agra bound train which he boarded at Manmad.

Meher Baba, along with his men mandali, visited Bhopal for a second time on 17th and 18th July 1929. Baba and mandali arrived in Indore on 16th July 1929 and on 17th, started for Bhopal. On 18th Baba and mandali left Bhopal for Guna. During this visit, Baba contacted sadhus and masts.

Meher Baba came to Bhopal on his third visit on 5th of March, 1939, in the Blue Bus. Baba's Blue Bus Tour began on 8th December 1938 with 22 disciples, both men and women. This tour lasted till May 1939. The bus was driven by Elizabeth Patterson. A number of men disciples were sent ahead by train who saw to accommodation in towns and made enquiries concerning the masts. Among the women disciples was the Swiss painter Helen Dahm who painted the murals inside the tomb-shrine of Meher Baba.On this occasion, he stayed in the Ruby Hotel near the railway station. Although the Ruby hotel now no longer exists, the building is very much there and is currently being used as another hotel.

Meher Baba's fourth Bhopal visit took place on 20- 21 November 1945. Baba and mandali reached Bhopal on 20th November from Lalitpur. Baba was again on a mast contact tour.


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