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Welcome to our Homepage...

Hi and welcome to our first homepage! As you can see, I'm a beginner at all of this stuff! I will start out by telling you a little about us. We both are into finding our Family Roots so our kids won't have to walk miles of cement and brush like we are doing. We both were married having two children a piece by our first marriages. George's son, Danny, is in the Marines. His daughter, Lindsay, is a drill leader for her High School drill team and will graduate this year. My two are Chris and Lauren. Chris is into 4-H an FFA. He shows Turkeys and Broilers in the fairs and also graduates this year. Lauren is also in 4-H. This is her first year. (Bubba is helping hold the turkey) She is on the A team at her school and in the 3rd grade. George loves to dance and was in several country and western compititions. He now likes to surf the web with our Webtv on weekends. Me? Well, I'm into the genealogy thing. I started in 1982 trying to find my mother's father's real name. She never knew it, she only knew he changed it. My sister and I were lucky to find it two years before she passed. George and I will try and get the family names together as quickly as possible for you to look at. For the time being, you can see some of the names we have. My lines are Baker/Begier, Candelier, Crain, Flowers, Grimes and Johnson, Nash, Picou and Hebert. George's Lines are Mabe, Stephens, Young, Johnson, Burton Woods, Throckmorton, Lawson and Bohannon. He has 3 Mabe lines that I'm trying to figure out!

Hope you will come back and see the rest of my family pages!

George and Mary Mabe
16138 Palm
Channelview, TX 77530-2803
United States

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