Serial Input PLL Frequency Synthesizer

The MB87014A/MB87086A is a serial data programmable PLL Frequency Syntheseizer. Ratios of reference frequency divider and input frequency divider can be independently set.
1OSCINIThe connection terminal of the crystal oscillator and the capaitors
It is possible to input a clock from outside, too, from OSCIN.
3fvOThe output terminal of the comparison frequency divider
4VDD-The power supply terminal
5DOPOThe lowpass filter connection terminal (For the passive)
6VSS-The grounding terminal
7LDOThe output terminal of the phase comparator
When locking, it outputs "H" and when the lock comes, it outputs " negative pulse ".
8fINIThe comparison frequency input terminal
(It makes an AC connection).
9ClockIThe clock input terminal of the data which sets a dividing ratio
It reads data in the rise of the clock pulse.
10DataIThe input terminal of the data which sets a dividing ratio
11LEIThe load enable input terminal
It sends the contents of Data to the side of the reference or the side of the comparison in the combination with the control bit of Data at the time of LE=H.
12DOAOThe connection terminal of the lowpass filter (For the activist)
13frOThe output terminal of the reference frequency divider
14NC-Test (Factory test)
15fVOThe lowpass filter connection terminal (For the differential-type filter)

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