INTEK Multicom-497
Dragon SS-497
Albrecht AE497

INTEK Multicom-497

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AE497 PCB 2SC1969 2SC2166 2SC2314 KIA7217 uPC1037H Dual OP-AMP Dual OP-AMP KTA6058 LC7232 BA403

To get 400 Channels, insert SJ3.

General programming guidance of LC7232 devices with Seung Yong CPU SYSTEM SY202/SY204.
The processors SYSTEM 202 (204) with label Seung Yong are customized mask-programmed CPU's on base of the LC 72322 CPU from Sanyo.
Programming are those pin 32, 33, 34 of the CPU.
The indicated bridges must be manufactured from the links indicated in each case to +5 Volt or GND.

RF Power modification

Remove J71. Solder a wire width 1kohm resistor from top of J71 to J3. Then re-adjust SSB Power output to 15 Watt.
Replace RV4 width 4,7kohm adjustable resistor to get external adjustment of output power for FM and AM


Reading PointConditionAdjustmentProcedure
TP1L375.1 Volt +/- 50mV on DC VoltMeter
TP3AM 27.185MHzL38Maximum on Oscilloscope
TP2AM 27.185MHzL3910.6950MHz on Frequency Counter
TP2USB 27.185MHzL4010.6925MHz on Frequency Counter
TP2LSB 27.185MHzL4110.6975MHz on Frequency Counter
IC201 Pin1L464.500000MHz on Frequency Counter
Q102 BaseCT1010.240MHz on Frequency Counter
RV50TX Frequency Set. (CPU-Board)
TP8USB 27.185MHzL30Maximum on Oscilloscope
TP8USB 27.185MHzL31Maximum on Oscilloscope
TP8USB 27.185MHzL32Maximum on Oscilloscope
TP8USB 27.185MHzL33Maximum on Oscilloscope
TP8USB 27.185MHzL34Maximum on Oscilloscope
TP4USB 27.185MHzL35Maximum on Oscilloscope
TP4USB 27.185MHzL36Maximum on Oscilloscope
IC7 Pin1FM 27.185MHzL47Maximum on Oscilloscope
IC7 Pin1FM 27.185MHzL16Maximum on Oscilloscope
IC7 Pin7FM 27.185MHzL17Maximum on Oscilloscope (FM Discriminator)
TP5(+) - TP6(-)Remove CONN 1RV935mA on DC Amperemeter
TP5(+) - TP7(-)Remove CONN 1RV885mA on DC Amperemeter
RF PowerTX AM 27.185MHzL42Maximum on RF PowerMeter
RF PowerTX AM 27.185MHzL43Maximum on RF PowerMeter
RF PowerTX AM 27.185MHzL44Maximum on RF PowerMeter
RF PowerTX AM 27.185MHzL45Maximum on RF PowerMeter
RF PowerTX AM 27.185MHzL48Maximum on RF PowerMeter
RF PowerTX AM 27.185MHzL8Maximum on RF PowerMeter
RF PowerTX USB 27.185MHzRV14Set RF Power to 16 Watt
RF PowerTX AM 27.185MHzRV4Set RF Power to 10 Watt
RV5AM Modulation
RV10FM Modulation
RV12S-Meter Set
RV7Modulation-Meter Set
RV1RF Power-Meter Set
RV1113.7 Volt Set

Frequency extension to 454 Channels

AE 497 can be switched temporarily from frequency mode 28-29.7 MHz into "channel mode". After the conversion, the radio can be used from 25.165 MHz to 29.695 MHz.
It may happen that the transceiver operate with less performance (output and sensitivity) or does even not lock in on all frequencies outside of the specified amateur radio range.
Just press FUNCTION button, then press "2" and hold this key pressed for about 3 seconds. Release button and the unit works on 454 Channels until the radio will be later switched off again. If You have once switched to 454 channels, You can also toggle between channel number and frequency display by pressing FUNCTION + 2, but this only by touching the call button for short time.