President HR2600 CB-Radio

Setting & Using CTCSS

The HR 2600 has a built-in CTCSS encoding (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) for accessing repeaters. CTCSS is activated only in FM R PT mode of operation. To set the CTCSS frequency, proceed as fol lows :

1. Place the unit top down on a non-scratching surface.
2. Remove the cover screws for the bottom half of the case. Use cuaution when removing the bottom half of the case, since the speaker is connected to the main board. Do not pull on the wires.
3. Using the table at the right, set S301 for the desired CTCSS frequency. If no CTCSS tone is desired, place all switches (S301-1 through S301-6) into either the ON or OFF position.
4. Replace the cover and securely fasten using the screws. Do not overtighten the screws, or damage to the threads may result.
5. To use CTCSS encode mode, place the mode switch into the FM position, and press the RPT switch (down position). You are now ready for CTCSS encoded repeater operation.

Note: The CTCSS board in the HR 2600 is encode only. Receiver operation is normal carrier squelch.