IANC Account 1998-99

IANC's accounting was kept by Nilesh Gheewala, treasurer 98-99. We have a checking acount at US Bank. For both of the following charts, the complete pie represents about $3541.

Note that the expenses for Diwali included $1,324 food cost and $481 Senior Center charges. The net cost for Diwali, arrived at by subtracting ticket sales and donations from expenses, was $459. There were $225 of donations for for the Diwali function.

Also note that the above charts do not show the cash and non-cash donations received for the Christmas Charity drive.

The 98-99 Board left about $526 to the next year's Board. This includes some amount encumbered for the creativity competition. While this a significant sum, a good part of it was due to donations and special inflows. That suggests this year's committee will have to continue to be cautions regarding expenses.

We thank Nilesh for his careful and systematic records and for ensuring that we stay in the black.

Our current spending policy is to save approximately

for the next year, and spend the rest in the current year. Because of various uncertainties, it is not possible to have exact plans.

The details in spreadsheet form (.xls) are available here. Any questions should be sent to the treasurer and the president.