Some Hints for Building

  • A strong and light structure. Doesn't bend easily.

  • This way the axles turn more easily.

  • A clutch. The pipe keeps the axles in line.

  • A permanent joint.

  • Another permanent joint.

  • Use a "very hard joint" when you want the parts to stay together during the pull-down of the ride (see Himalaya).

  • Why to open a turntable?
    - To lubricate it. Silicone grease is good for plastic (see Flying Circus).
    - To screw nuts and screws when studs don't hold strong enough (see Chaos and Tornado).
    - To build a revolving electricity joint inside (I haven't tried that yet).

  • You can decrease the speed of the axle by using the inner cogs of a turntable.

  • This way you can hide an axle inside a beam.

  • An adjustable angle.

  • A revolving electricity joint made of circuit board.

  • An easier revolving electricity joint.

  • A revolving pneumatic joint.

  • Some technical data about 9V LEGO-motors.

    - Current on idle 6 mA
    - Maximum current before the cutout 85 mA
    (The motor cuts out the power when the current
    rises too high.)

    - Speed 4200 rpm (rounds per minute)
    - Inner resistant 15 ohms
    - Current on idle 48 mA
    - Max current before cutout 400 mA

    - Speed 350 rpm