Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why there is sometimes text "TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE" or "THE PAGE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS NOT THERE" on your site?

    - My site is free for you and also free for me. This has two disadvantages: 1) There are advertisments and 2) The bandwidth is limited. This means that when there are too many viewers in one hour the site is locked and it will open again in the next hour. Even I can't access it then. This happens sometimes when I try to update so I have to update later.

    My update interval is about a month so I think you all can see the new stuff in that time.

  • Can I buy one of your rides?

    - No, I won't sell my rides.

  • Can you make me a duplicate of your ride?

    - No, I have neither time nor possibility to buy all the parts required.

  • Where do you buy your Legos?

    - I've bought them mainly from shops, from markets where people sell their old stuff and streight from Lego.
    Nowadays I buy them mostly from and from Legoland in Denmark.

  • How much money have you used for Legos?

    - I use about 50 Euros (US$ 50,-) a month which is less than some people spend for cigarettes. I started to build Legos when I was 2 years old (I've built rides since I was 14) and now I'm 37. So that means about 17000 Euros (US$ 17000,-)

  • Can you make me directions for one of the rides?

    - I don't have time for that anymore. You can find some drawings at the PLANS-section.

  • How do you build your rides?

    - After I've decided which ride I'm going to build I try to get the mesurements from blueprints or from photos. Usually I use 8 x 48 stud for the trailer. Then I think thru all the details in my mind and solve all the technical problems I can think of. This takes about a month. When all the problems are solved I draw the ride on a paper in different angles. That's when I usually see new technical problems that I haven't noticed before. I solve them too and then I start to build. I start from the basis of the trailer. The better the prework is done the faster the ride is to build. I try to make the rides as simple and as quick to build up and pull down as possible.

    In the beginning my goal was to make the rides as realistic as possible. Then it was to get them packed in as small space as possible. Now I've noticed that when you have a lot of rides the most important thing is to minimize the build up time. The time must be under 5 minutes.

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