Markku Jääskeläinen - The crazy Lego builder

I'm a diesel mechanic from town of Espoo, Finland. I started to build lego rides in 1981, when I was 14 years old.

All the rides can be packed into trailers in minutes (for example The Giant Wheel 8 min, Megaspin 5 min, Waltzer 15 min, Spiderman 30 sec, Mixer 10 sec) All the rides work like the real ones. Many of them have 9V electric motors, pneumatic system and blinking lights (for exmple in Sombrero there are 32 blinking leds, 5 small motors, 1 big motor and 6 pneumatic sylinders).

The compressed air is made in a lorry where there is a 9V motor, an air tank and a system that stops the motor when the pressure is high enough and starts it again when the pressure gets lower (my own design).

The mobile homes are models of the real ones where showmen in Finland and Sweden live.

Everything is made out of ordinary lego bricks, although some of them are cut or drilled. Some electronics are hidden inside the trailers.

The scale is 1/40 (1 stud = 1 ft => 3 studs = 1 meter)
This is a perfect scale for little lego people.

At the moment I have about 185 transportation units (cars, trucks, trailers), but there will be more...

I also make comics. See a sample page.

My friend Juha Karjalainen makes the manuscripts and I draw the pictures.