CC386 Compiler Version 4.20

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This page is for reference; I don't work on CC386 at this point, preferring to work on its replacement Orange C.

The CC386 Compiler package is an older compiler package that I worked on for many years.  It is by no means an optimizing compiler but still did a decent job by simply globally allocating a few registers in each function.  It has support for C99 but not C11, and has an earlier version of the IDE used in the Orange C compiler.The Run time library in this package has WIN32 headers and an import library, many windows programs will compile with it although there are a few incompatibilities.

The tool chain in this package is somewhat ad-hoc, consisting of source code that came from a variety of sources.  The MSDOS version of this compiler is actually a separate build, which is made against a DPMI target DOS32A.

This package is distributed under the GNU copyleft as some of the components used in it are GNU projects.

This version of the compiler/IDE has been tested on windows 8.

This compiler is at version 4.20.
The Release date is January 21,2014.

ProductMD5 ChecksumSize
Win32 setup packagea5fec14a0c5213839ff501170bba64815MB
MSDOS setup package925c644f9d481c6989655845af725e722MB
Zipped version of compiler executables09a763af4d8b21f16d7f167d79363c884MB
Compiler and tools source code 401ce0ae924422c6a48616e02342e7354MB
Run time library source code53291efb2dc2ed6986a62e65193e2d542MB

Note that Virus Checkers may not like some of the files in this distribution
.  HXDOS mimics some KERNEL32 behavior and thus gets classified as a virus, and the dll version of the C run time library gets flagged sometimes as well.  But if you want to download this package it is probably safe for most uses to let the virus checker delete what it wants to.

On Feburary 9, 2017, I am releasing an updated version of the compiler which has some fixes to chdir() and system(), however, the DOS support may be somewhat iffy as I have lost many of the dos support files.

ProductMD5 ChecksumSize
Win32 setup package9b36aaf7dd60ab678eb5ac4141681f815MB
MSDOS setup package64b07275592b97aaa8f591495a81318c2MB
Zipped version of compiler executables6d9c0fff90542b6817848ffd4c9126c04MB
Compiler and tools source codecde270c5088479a51575bb6e3fae727b4MB
Run time library source code92bd6b34af9af4d1ca094c3db86a26e32MB