Here's the massive archive of old Shyguy Presents links up until I started Shyguy's Fortress. New links, of course, can be found there. Not all of these links may work anymore, but they're worth a try if you're looking for some classic fun.


Posted 1/26/2003

Well let's's a new year and this is my first post. Luckily Cindy keeps reminding me to update the site, so here goes...MORE LINKS :D

  • -Leader of the Free World
    Political funniness in Flash, check it out if you are interested in such stuff.
  • - Anime Wallpapers
    Ever wanted an anime wallpaper? Well THIS would be the place to get it, duhh! :D
  • - The Emo Game
    For all of you emo kids, here's the game for you! VERY HUMOROUS, but make sure you're a bit open minded before playing ;).

    Posted 12/16/2002

    Under fear of annihilation if I didn't update the page soon, I decided to add a few links. Have fun, you crazy guys.

  • - Umm...
    Just don't defecate in your drawers.
  • - The Best Page in the Universe
    Off color hilarity at it's best; you really should take it all with a grain of salt tho :D Submitted by Bethany.
  • - Sticker Giant
    Looking for stickers? You know you are!
  • - The Fried Chinese Donalds
    Crazy UP punk rawk music for y'all. Those of you from the Marquette/Houghton area should check them out...they do indeed rock.
  • - How To Use A Vagina
    A user's guide to using genitalia. No, please dont' take this seriously. Fool! ;D


    Posted 12/4/2002

    So, do you like the new look? It's not all done yet (such some of the links to your left don't work) but soon enough I'll be putting up The Fortress, the home of crazy Shyguy shenanigans. Until then, here's a few more links for you to devour like the savage beasts you are! Cheeky monkeys! Oh, and don't worry...all the old links are still here on the Old Links page!

  • - The Oral Sex Donation System
    For those of you in need, here's a place for you!
  • - More Cats That Hate You
    Why do cats hate me? Really I've never done anything to any of them! The bastards!
  • - The Pisst-Off Androids Will Rock Your Face
    Home of the GREATEST SKA BAND EVER! I've seen them live twice so far...and they definitely do rock some face.
  • - IM
    Need to spice up your profile? IM Tools has just the trick! Go and check it out!


    Posted 11/7/2002

    Some stuff for ya to chew on for a while, eh? Almost as good as pie.

  • - EXlex's Your Mama Jokes
    Those crazy one liners from the early-to-mid-90's are back! Now you can insult the maternal units of all your friends with style!
  • - ShackNews
    Probably one of the few good video gaming news sites not run by people who call themselves "1337" and play 4 year old games on a brand new $3000 computer with holes cut in the sides...which is a good thing.
  • - Coke Music
    A neat little Shockwave world that looks kinda neat...haven't got to spend much time in it myself but it's got potential.


    Posted 11/4/2002

    By popular demand, I've decided to update the site with some more sweet links. Time for the good stuff. Here goes...

  • - The Everyday Happenings of Weebl and Sometimes Bob
    Clicking on the above link will change your life. Seriously. You will not get these guys out of your head. Thanks to Beth and Kelly (they both pointed this site out to me at around the same time) for this link.
  • - Weebl's Stuff
    More of Weebl's excellent animations. Check out the love story and the cheese family. HILARIOUS I tell you! Oh, Bethany! Y'all should thank her for this link. :D
  • - Black People Love Us
    Take this one with a healthy grain of's really funny in that odd "I'm not trying to be funny but I am" sort of way.
  • - The Ultimate Flash Face
    Tracking an unknown bandit? Here's your very own online sketch artist!
  • Seizure
    WARNING: People who are photosensitive (have had seizures induced by flashing lights or patterns) should not watch this without first seeing a doctor.
  • - Bart Simpson's Blackboard Quotations
    An extensive list of everyone's favorite youthful miscreant's weekly chalk scrawlings. Thanks to Cindy for this link.


    Posted 10/9/2002

    More links for you. Oh yeah oh yeah. Woo hoo. Can you tell I'm trying to fill space right now? Well, if you can't, let me tell you, I SURE AM! Capital letters take up more space in this non fixed-width font, SO I THINK I WILL USE THEM GRATUITOUSLY. Big words may be superfluous but boy do they sound BRILLIANT. And I'm spent. Gratuitous gratuitous gratuitous.

  • - The Royal Tenenbaums Unofficial Shrine
    Royal Tenenbaum bought the house on Archer Avenue in his 35th year...
  • - Mental Discharge Nice 'N Offensive Bumper Stickers
    So very very wrong. Very wrong. WRONG! OK I'm done.
  • - Nose
    It took all these years to make the first nose simulator? Wow!
  • - Polycount
    1337. V3RY 1337.


    Posted 9/22/2002

     (n)An abbreviation of "propers" or proper respects. A show sits on physical and non-physical props. At an award ceremony the winner gives props: "And I would like to thank...".

    Props to Chris and Tom for these linkz.

  • - The Rap Dictionary
    That's right Folks, every rap term EVER defined here in an organized, easy to use dictionary.
  • - Calculate Your Body Mass Index
    CAUTION: May cause slight depression.... :(
  • - Bud Light: Making Faces
    Yeah, you little pervs can make these people say ANYTHING. Check the "Making Faces" section to see what I'm talking about. Heh heh.


    Posted 9/20/2002

    All my tooltips have disappeared so I actually had to DOUBLE CLICK to find the date today. You best appreciate all my hard work :) Special thanks to Brad and Mike for finding some of these sw33t sights. So sit there and use to view these pretty pages. Yes I am a mind-reader...I know which browser you use! Unless it's not IE or Netscape...heh...

  • - Mickey
    Damn giant raping rodents. It's not safe to go in the woods anymore...especially naked.
  • - Self-explanatory
    You little porn freak.
  • - Ride the Donkey
    Peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat.
  • - Bah-Zoo-Kah Just when you thought that fuzzy bunny-bird-mogwai thing was out of style...
  • - American Girls
    Dance for me, Britney. PLEASE?! I'll buy all the Pepsi I can afford. PLEAAASE?!


    Posted 9/10/2002

    Necessito mas tiempo! Gah sorry I haven't updated in a looong time but I've been busy. Oh so busy. Hah.

  • -
    Everybody loves video games. You know I do. Check this site out for some video game humor, h4x3d roms (like my leetspeak?), and more!
  • -
    All your nuts are belong to us.
  • -
    Well, fine, don't take the meat bridge. But check out the unofficial home of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  • - Engrish
    Because we all want a little Flesh Drink from time to time.
  • - Away Messages
    For the uncreative IMer in all of us.


    Posted 8/24/2002

    New links new links enjoy my brethren.

  • - Fling Fling! Renegade Ship!!!
    Gotta love Threebrain. Fling Fling is the best! Hahahaha I laugh at it heartily.
  • - The Legend of Zelda
    Link...he comes to town...comes to save...the Princess Zelda!
  • - elgooG
    ?sdrawkcab elgooG ees ot detnaw revE


    Posted 8/18/2002

    Hot ladies, Doc Martens, fonts, obsessive Tech geeks, SNL, and more...

  • - Da Bonnasses Page
    Yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my tummy.
  • - Which Doc Marten are You?
    Seriously, this question has been eating me alive for years! If it's ever nagged at you, here's a site to check out.
  • - Fontalicious!
    Some pretty sweet fonts and stuff for your fonting pleasure.
  • - Leoville Town Square
    For fans of Tech TV's The Screen Savers, here's a whole message board dedicated to the show's Spycams.
  • - The Official Ronnie James Dio Homepage
    Dio has rocked for a long, long time. Now it's time for him to pass the torch...
  • - Saturday Night Live Transcripts
    Now you can quote Celebrity Jeopardy with accuracy and style.
  • -
    I like pie too.


    Posted 8/14/2002

    Well howdy folks. That's me up there. Yup. Power Puff me, that is. Heh heh. Check the links.

  • - Domo-kun Mayhem
    You know you've seen this little guy running around the internet. Now find out what he's all about. Domo-kun rocks!
  • - Rufio Official Website
    Haven't heard of Rufio? YOU SHOULD!!! They're only the awesomest punk band in the whole wide world. Check 'em out.
  • - Powerpuff Girls Portrait Studio
    Wanna know what you'd look like as a Powerpuff person? Just give this site a whirl! It's really cool!
  • - Poke the Bunny
    Yes, the title is Poke the Bunny.
  • - Monster Vintage
    If you're into vintage clothing, this seems like a good place to start looking. I've browsed it a bit, it's pretty interesting.
  • - Kyle Gass
    The official of the infamous quieter half of the D, KG.


    Posted 8/12/2002

    Been awhile. But I'm back and I'm here to post a few more crazy links for you to enjoy.

  • - T-Shirts That Suck
    For all you dirty little minds who want a dirty little t-shirt.
  • - Fat Celebrities
    No, it's not a fetish site. Not really, anyway. It's some crazy Photoshop genius at work. Check it out.


    Posted 8/4/2002

    You have to see the panda dog. You just HAVE TO! Plus there's some other goofy links for you to check out.

  • -The Panda Dog
    Move over Ping...this is absolutely the cutest dog...err panda...that you will ever see. I can't get over it. You must see it.
  • - Dancing Paul
    I'm seriously going to start a Euro-Dance Bastard fan club.
  • - How To Give Off the Impression That You Might Be a Raving Homosexual
    The title speaks for itself.
  • - The Reflex Tester
    Test your reflexes with this interesting little tool. Trust me you'll play it longer than you really want to.
  • - Ellen Feiss Apple Switch Ad
    You've heard the rumors. Now see the commercial that's the talk of the internet. I sound like such an announcer...anyway, check out this clip at Apple's site and decide for yourself whether her eyes are red from lack of sleep or not. Check out the supplemental links below too:
    -- - The Elen Feiss Fan Club: beep beep beep
    -- - A Commentary at


    Posted 8/3/2002

    Well here's a bundle of links for you to visit. Some of them are links to picture libraries, others are the usual wacky fare. Special shout-out goes to Beth for finding some of these sweet links for me. Thank j00. Kazoo!

  • - Hyakugojyuuichi
    Oy, my pacemaker! Found a hobo in my's Princess Leia. Seriously.
  • - The Way of the Exploding Stick
    Fans of Xiao Xiao MUST check out this link.
  • - Farting Doughboy
    Flatulent little bugger, isn't he?
  • - + Katelyn Rosaasen +
    If you've watched MTV, you've seen this girl. Now you can see more. Well not too much more. But a little.
  • - The Jack Black Soundboard
    You know you love him. You know you recite songs of the D forward and backwards in your sleep. Now YOU can be Jack Black. Oh yeah, no foolin'.
  • - PlatinumGIRL's Avril Lavigne Site
    You know you love Avril. I know I do. You know you want an Avril wallpaper. I already have one. Aren't you jealous?
  • - Atari Adventure
    Atari Adventure. Those who remember it adore it. Those who don't stare at it in awkward wonder, thinking, 'how did anyone ever find this entertaining?' Another game your GeForce 4 will not be needed for.


    Posted 8/1/2002

    If you haven't seen Spider-Man dancing in a gay gay way yet, you have to check it out. Some other links are here too. Enjoy.

  • - Spider-Man Will Make You Gay
    Just watch it. Wear diapers cause you'll pee yourself laughing.
  • - The I Love You Kitten
    Sickeningly cute. Two words that embody this link. You'll want to send this one to your significant other. Trust me.
  • - Pixel Ninja
    Who needs a GeForce 4? With games like this you'll wonder why 3D graphics were ever invented. For about 10 seconds. Then you'll go play Quake 3.


    Posted 7/30/2002

    Well I just remembered I had an account with Tripod so I figured I may as well use it. I guess I'll just post whatever I have on my mind here. Links. Whatever. Heh. Pictures maybe? I'm gonna start dumping some links from my Favorites on this site for you to enjoy too. Fun fun fun.

    For a start, I'll give ya a couple of links. Here they are...

  • - The Greatest Jack Black Site in the World - Tribute
    A huge huge huge fan site for the kooky Jack Black, everybody's favorite Shallow Hal.
  • - Aquaman
    Seriously hilarious Flash parody of Five for Fighting's "Superman (It's Not Easy)" starring everyone's favorite fish lover, Aquaman.

    More to come. Enjoy.

    Sick of nostalgia? Go to the new links!