Here's the page for my images, including art, photos, or whatever else I feel like putting up here image-wise. Some of my art or wallpapers include images I found online...if any of these images' copyrights belong to you, and you don't like the fact that I've posted them here, please e-mail me and I'll remove them as soon as I can get to it.

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Buddy Icons

Right click and save to get these buddy icons. I'm too lazy to put in the automatic AIM code, heh heh.


Much of the art I've done is computer tracing, in which I trace a photograph and change it to make it different in a fantasy sort of way. A few of my friends pictures, as well as some random ones I've dug up online, have wound up being massacred by me ;) There's also a few hand-drawn on computer and old-school paper scans in there...enjoy! I might put up thumbnails someday if I ever get the ambition to do so :)

am_bt.jpg (436k) - Scanned, hand drawn and colored picture of my buddies, Amanda and Beth.
apr_dragon.jpg (225k) - Traced from my friend Kelly's photo of my friend April, complete with a wonderful electronically hand-drawn dragon.
arch_ncr.jpg (411k) - A couple hand drawn, scanned X-Men colored in Photoshop.
beauty_ver_2 (106k) - Hand drawn with the good ol' mouse in Photoshop...I was a n00b then, as you can tell by the lighting effects ;)
Cinnamon.jpg (177k) - Traced from a photo I found online. Heavily modified, as you can see. It's one of my personal favorites.
crazy_space_guy.jpg (121k) - Hand drawn in Photoshop; this is either a groundbreaking experiment in color or the product of extreme boredom.
cutie_1.jpg (92.4k) - One of my first photo tracings. It's not exactly great, but it's a start.
fire_tree.jpg (260k) - Another tracing, with a lot of experimentation in the background. I messed with this one for quite a while.
flame.jpg (123k) - Can you guess who that is? Another tracing.
gorgeous.jpg (89.5k) - Another tracing...and she's in a BIKINI!! w00t!
jeanne.jpg (325k) - Another one of my greater tracing accomplisments...I did a lot of experimentation with the use of noise filters to create texture.
kel_lt.jpg (298k) - My friend Kelly done Clockwork Orange style. The background is a photo of hers, completely unaltered, that worked perfectly with this image.
kitty.jpg (56.7k) - Kelly's cat Bill, traced from one of her photographs.
Laura.jpg (356k) - Another random tracing, this time with more texture experimentation. This one didn't quite turn out as good as Jeanne.jpg...I don't like the sparkly look I gave her shirt.
megaman.jpg (152k) - An ancient drawing of mine done in Photoshop. Another n00b lens flare ;)
mtuks.gif (20.6k) - I drew this for my friend Nick's website for a distributed computing team. I'll have to dig up a link to that site to include here.
purple_1.jpg (133k) - Another personal favorite, this is a tracing of actress Jaime Pressley. I love the way the hair turned out.
purple_2.jpg (159k) - A second Pressley tracing, with an added tattoo. This one's pretty nice too.
sais.jpg (99.6k) - My sad attempt at manga.
sketchy.jpg (83.2k) - Just a plain old guy, drawn in Photoshop.
villainess_1.jpg (134k) - Jennifer Love Hewitt as you've never seen her before. Interesting tracing.
villainess_2.jpg (93.3k) - Another JLH tracing, this one with scary blue eyes!
warrior.jpg (98.8k) - A simple profile of some space warrior of some sort. Hand drawn in Photoshop.
wnmp.jpg (102k) - A pretty hand drawn gal on a warped photo background.

Computer Stuff

Here are some useful images for your computer, like wallpapers and the like. You know you're 1337 when you're using one of Shyguy's wallpapers. Oh yeah.

Aphex_Twin_Wallpaper.jpg (107k) A 1024x768 wallpaper of the Aphex Twin logo on an eerie blue background.
StartWinCaution.jpg (375k) I made this as a sweet boot screen back when I was using Windows ME. Of course, I can't actually remember how to install a boot screen under ME or if you know how, here's one for you to use.


Here's some of my odd Photoshopped images for humor's sake only. Take these little guys with a grain of salt and get a laugh or two.

No Photoshops available


Some photos I or my cohorts have taken of our offbeat shenanigans. Or something.

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