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"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
Albert Einstein

Children's Workshop Theatre, a non-profit educational organization out of Greensboro, NC, conducts after-school classes, workshops, and performances for children in K-12th grades. All Childrens are invited to participate in any of the activities.

The program emphasizes literature, vocabulary, storytelling, writing, music, and creativity. Students may volunteer to perform in main stage plays. There are no auditions.

Sessions begin in September, January, and June. The cost per session is $40 a month.

To reserve your child position in the Children's Workshop Theatre click on the Application link. If you would like to look at some pictures of the children performing, click on the Picture link.

The Pros and Possible Cons of Your Child Leanring to Act

Pros Cons
They gain confidence. They could become arrogant.
They learn how to present themselves. People may not believe you, when you say anything negative about your child
They learn proper English and Speaking Skills. They will make more sense so you cannot pretend you do not understand what they are saying.
They gain an appreciation for literature. You may spend more money on books.
It enhances their writing ability. You may have to read what they write.
They gain the ability to listen. They might hear and understand what you are saying.