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Hi! My name is JD Ousley (short for John David). I live in a small town called Perryton, Texas. I'm 26 and work for a oilfield service company here in the Panhandle. I enjoy alot of things in life, but work does tend to keep me busy most of the time.I like to spend time alone with my wife, Aidina , by taking her out to a restaurant or movie or just somewhere pleasant. When I do have time to myself, I like to travel to cities, parks, or just ride my 1985 Yamaha Maxim. My brother, Charles moved here about three weeks before I did, and he met a beautiful young gal named Lisa. My friends and family are very important to my life. They are the people you love and depend on in desperate times of harsh days. Recently, I've not kept in touch with my family and friends like I should, but I haven't forgot them. I can be found sometimes on ICQ. My number is #32705748.

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