Request the help of those who are interested in clearing the Tibetan myth for a better informed America, and future world peace. Help avert another senseless war! Please send this to your local media and congressmen/women.

Dear _______________,

Be the first one to break the Tibetan myth!

Many aware and  independent-thinking citizens are disturbed by the lies spread by the Tibetan movement. This movement misrepresents the traditional multiple-ethnic heritage of China. It is portraying the Chinese as a mono-ethnic, aggressive race. It is denying the identity of millions of minority people in central China. As an individual who understands their feelings, I hope you will present a balanced view on this issue.

China contends Tibet first joined China during the Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty  in 1260 A.D. The Tibetan movement has created a myth about a "peaceful country that had no disease, no hunger, until the Chinese invaded her." If the Tibetans' claim is true, then a mathematical calculation shows that a SINGLE Tibetan family alive during 1260 A.D., assuming only 2 children who reach adulthood per generation, and 27 years per generation, should have produced around 67 million descendants now.

The total population of Tibet is only 6 million. What reduced the Tibetan population so drastically under such peaceful, happy conditions?

The Chinese people know that millions of Tibetans reside in central China. Their migration into central China did not happen overnight, but happened over 700 years of integration.

Please be a ground-breaking journalist, and inquire any Tibetan refugees you interview on what his or her answers are to these questions:

"How many Tibetans do you think there are in central China?"

"Do you consider them Chinese citizens, or Tibetan citizens?"

"How do you think the Tibet independent movement will affect these Tibetans?"

The Tibetans in exile have generally dodged these questions on electronic message boards, because they know the wrong answers can mean they will lose the support of millions of Tibetans across China.

While they claim Tibet was an independent country, they have totally ignored the plight of their fellow Tibetans in central China. It is time resourceful journalists question them about it.

Please check for further details and ample background in articles by some scholars and researchers on this subject. The Tibet issue is a thorn in the U.S.-China relationship. A proper understanding of this issue will improve our future world peace.

Thank you.