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Yeah, okay it may have been a bit difficult to find, but not anymore! Because now Joshua Waller, is going to tell you what's new, and when it was added!

9th March 1999

Okay, I tried doing this 4 times on a Sun machine, the majority of the time it just came back saying not saved, then the whole internet connection on the machine stopped working and then the fourth time Netscape crashed. So now I am on a funky Windows NT 4 machine.

Hey ho. New page includes 8th March 1999 and if you want to check out my computer's specs, then please click this one Janet's Specs! and that'll use the magic of loacl refs and get you straight there (on the same page). Okay bu-bye.

4th March 1999

Hey there, uploaded Josh's Day 1st of March and 23rd of Febuary, see the Josh's Day Menu to go have a look at them.

2nd March 1999


Blood - didn't happen - I had a sore throat so they didn't let me. I didn't upgrade Janet, coz' they don't sell what I wanted in their Huddersfield branch. Have a look at my Josh Day things that are not yet on-line. Obviously you'll have to have a look at them when they are on-line, as this will tell you what happened yesturday.

Here are my sukky results...

Maths78DIST10H Creds
Software Design80DIST20H Creds
Buisiness55PASS10H Creds

1st March 1999

Added some button thing to my Super Links Page so that you can register your home page with 30 search engines for free. They asked me to put the button there after I registered mine.


It's my birthday on Wednesday, the 3rd of March, so that's cool, and I'm gonna be 19! I got some money from my parents and that was cool too, so I'm gonna upgrade Janet (my second computer) and maybe I could post the technincal details about her on the internet for you to look at. Maybe I could do that tomorrow.

I should be getting loads of coursework back tomorrow, so I could put all my results on here for you to look at if you want. And I'm going to give blood today, so that should be an experience. Oh well, see you soon!

26/27/28th Feb 1999

I added some transparent logos to some Atari Pages too.

It's the real Sunday now, and I've been to sleep and stuff, sorry to those of you looking out for the pictures of Scotland, but I havn't had time or inclination to put them up this weekend, maybe next week they will be up (on my web site). Although I did do something silly, and did a page called jen.htm, but I'm not gonna tell you where it is coz' it's a secret, so you'll have to try find it, and I havn't put a link to it or anything!

Very late Saturday now, actually 3.38am Sunday, but anyway, I've added two new links to the Atari Links Page because they both really impressed me. One, the Area 64 : JagZone thing for having loadsa' really technical info on the Atari Jaguar, and a discussion of it's 64-bit-ness, amongst other things. The other, Back In Time, just really really kicks butt!

Added a new National Atari Coverage Page 3 to this site.

Hi there, just done some house-maintenence stuff, like slightly updating the Atari Menu and fixed a "defunct" link (as Matt put it) in the Atari House which we both spotted this week, which was weird!

23rd Feb 1999

Did you miss me? No, okay, well anyway, was browsing the internet thing with the internet browser thing, and stuff, and found that the Huddersfield Christian Union Web Site has been updated.

What do you think about the Jubilee 2000 thing? I am for it, I think that world debts should be cancelled. If you have a web site and are active in that area (i.e. you do stuff and change your web site and update it regularly) then please support this.

My web site: yeah, I've been trying to do some stuff, as I keep telling you about it, like Shute update, the UK site update and have ideas for doing a fresh page for the Atari section, and something else I can't remember, but it's likely that before any of this happens I'm going to be putting photos of me in Scotland on the internet I think, or maybe or something, but anyway, if it does happen then that will possibly be by the end of next week, so I'll let you know. Also sorry I haven't done anything for ages!

15th Feb 1999

Updated Super Links which is kinda weird of me, but there you go. Also, you know how this web site is getting kinda large and massive and stuff and quite daunting to maintain all the time, since I'm only one person and stuff and trying to have a life as well (!!!) erm, I would really really appreciate it if you would email me if any of the links you click don't work, and tell me what page you were on when it happened etc. that would be super. The address is

Fun fun fun, ma num a num, but anyway, if you want to have a look at a new web page I have done with a new piece of artwork as the background then pleasehave a look at Josh's Day 13/14th Feb 99 and stuff.

My bro Matt's been doing stuff actively in the internet world and done a super duper page which is so you can check that out if you want.

Also, keep your eyes on the look-out or something for the next release of Shute! coz' the next release will be v0.0.9b or higher and it's gonna' be good.

10th Feb 1999

Wow, it really is the 10th already! Only, like a few days till the dreaded day of Valentine's Day, dreaded? You may ask, well yes of course, when you never get a valentine's thing ever in your life. Anyway, doesn't matter, I guess it's for people going out or something.

Hmmm... how'd I get onto that, anyway - been surfing the net on a casual kind of basis and found a funky alive site for you to gander at... so make sure you check it out groovey peoples... okay gotta' go again now - got a lecture - I'll let you know if I add anything else to this web site, although I'm don't really have anything up my sleeve at the moment that's ready. There is some stuff I've been thinking of but they are all in very much 'just an idea' stage and any work I have done on them hasn't been working too good, or happening at all in fact.

Shute! might be updated soon, as Paul and me are working on the source code, but at the moment I've added loads of bugs on my last update, so we don't really want to release that, but it's getting more fun and exciting!

I added an extreme tracker thingy to my main page so that I can see what people's favourite browser is and what their favourite resolution and colour depth is and stuff, so in the long run, from this information I will be able to tailor specifically for people's needs rather than just guessing what people want.

9th Feb 1999

photos page been changed, so that the little descriptions for the images added, i.e. if it isa picture of me and paul, when you move the mouse over it, it will say 'paul n josh' whereas before itjust said 'thumbnail', exciting stuff hey? aren't you glad i told you this :o)

6th Feb 1999

PHOTOS! Hey Baby! Check it out, man, it's Saturday and stuff and I've spent about 6 or 7 hours scanning in some photos and stuff, and putting them on the internet, and they are totally groovey baby and I love them!! So make sure you check it out, I'm really impressed with the coolness of it all. Indubidibley so!! Eh...

5th Feb 1999

Far out man! Shute! is looking super funky as I have just uploaded version 0.0.7b!!!!!!! Zoik!

3rd Feb 1999

Josh's Day : 29th Jan 99 and 31st Jan 99.

Something else? Just some secret pages... I think there should be three in total now. See if you can find them.

I got a B- in SSDE assignment (this was the NEWS! section.)

I might do this pictures this weekend, so maybe next week there might be some pictures on the internet, who knows?

29th January 1999

Hi there, how are you? I hope you are well. I have finally added the timetable for the second semester, and I decided that it was too difficult and not customizable enough to do it in Publisher 97, so I decided to just use straight HTML, and that took ages, but it was worth it, coz' it looks nice. Anyway - here you go, Josh's TimeTable, ohand I did a really pants page so that it is still possible to choose the old one, from the Josh's Day menu.

28th January 1999

Oops, I'm meant to be at a lecture at the moment, oh well, anyway I've almost finished on this REALLY annoying computer!! Erm, having problems with Tripod, whereby I can't set up the NEXT and BACK properly on the Josh's Day pages, but nevermind, anyway I have put a new page on 27th Jan 99 and it looks super nice, and I like it loads, I've even used one of those local refs (within the page) so that when you get to the bottom you can press a button and it zooms you back up to the top. I recommend using Internet Explorer 4 or Netscape 4.5 for this page, coz' I've just tried it in Netscape 4.06 and the dithered background in the outer cells doesn't seem to be appearing, but it does in IE 4 and at home (where I use 4.5 of Netscape), although it doesn't do it in Netscape 2 - just to let you know.

Some NEWS - I got an A- in my Information Modelling and Development assignment, which is okay. Oh and some other news, I should be in a lecture now, oops!

27th January 1999

Since this is actually linked to as a NEWS page, I thought I would include some news, that I have just found out. You know Jeff Minter? No? Well you should. Anyway, he's just updated his web page (on the 24th of Jan 99) and if you want to go there click this Jeff Minter's Web Site. I don't know him personally, but he used to work for Atari, which is way cool of him. Oh, and his web site has been pretty inspirational to this web page, and I think that it is even better than any web page I've ever done.

26th January 1999

Hi there, how are you? Done the amazingly crazy Shute! section, where you can download a funky game to play on your PC, and even look at the code. Nice.

Also put another page on the Josh's Day section, it's 26th of January 1999 if you want to check that out, and it's got some information about HTML creation and some details about Shute!

25th January 1999

Found a way to make this indented without using a table, so it still looks super neato and still appears instantly (i think!), but anyway, I have done very little to anything (again!!) except I have re-arranged the home page so that this section is now a Quick Link, and called News, and I have moved some boxes around to place them in the order of ones I develop most, or the larger they are or how much I like them etc. Also - I've made space for a new section I have been developiong at home, called Shute! which is where I'm gonna put a game me and Phil Hackett developed! (for you to play!!)

Also, since this is called the news, here is some... Paul has updqated his web pages!!! Woo hooo!!! You can get their by going to Super Links or by going direct by clicking this Paul's Web Site

23erd January 1999

I haven't actually done anything, although I am (possibly!) working on getting my new timetable on-line soon, but my brother, Matt, hasadded a Matt and Maryam's Photo Album web page to their site, so check it out, it's really groovey.

Also my email address is now so please email that instead of any other. Thanks.

17th January 1999

Hey - I've added an Album of the year! section to the 1998 year review, you haveto scroll all the way down to the bottom to read it though as I have not yet mastered internal reference links. (where it automatically takes you to a section of a page.)

12th January 1999

oops, was meant to go to uni today, just for a day but didn't, never mind. anyway, added some pictures of me and my brother and mat and the cat and they can be seen in the Josh's Day Menu Bit or you can go straight there by clicking this...More Pics. Thanks.

11th January 1999

Nope, it had an amazing twist at the end and the woman they were gonna' leave behind didn't get left behind. Which is cool. Anyway, did something, like updating the home page a tiny bit and if you want to link to my web site from now on you can use coz' it's way shorter to type in and my new UK page :o) - Go on, have a look, it's very pretty.

7th January 1999!!!

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go. Eh? What? The cat woman didn't go with remmy, oh, bummer. Anyway, have a look at Josh's Day 7th Jan 99. And they're losing a pretty slider girl too, coz' the program's just ending. Oh well, bye bye super-star.

4th January 1999!!!

Erm... updated Stuff for Sale and done some other stuff that I can't remember. Been ill. bye bye.

1st January 1999!!!

WOW! 1999!! Cool or what? Anyway - done some neato stuff, well not really. Decided not to use a table for this any more so that you don't have to wait for the whole table to load before see this.

Also updated my home page so that I have some "Quick Links" so that I don't have to go down to Super Links all the time. I've also added some nice graphics to the Josh Day menu, for the My Family section, which makes it look a lot nicer. I've also done a "1st Jan 1999!" page but I couldn't be bothered uploading that!

31st DECEMBER 1998

1998 Year Review by Joshua Waller, basically a look back at the year that was 1998 for Joshua, me.

Very Late on 27th DECEMBER 1998

Okay, got all active, Internet wise and re-designed my main homepage again!!!! Now there aren't seperate start screens and home pages, there is just one, and it's super smart and it's address is and this is all you need to link to it. Check it out if you havn't already been there, I think it's way nice and WAY quicker! Unfortunately though there are loads of links on probably every single page back to the other homepage which was called homepage.html, so until I get real bored and wish to sort out 50+ html files, we're stuck with the horrible "Please Update Your Link page..." that I made. Sorry.

27th DECEMBER 1998

27th Dec 98 added to Josh's Day. Erm... some other stuff, like Paul's Pics and My Family added to Josh's Day menu which has lots of cool pictures of my family and stuff.

24th DECEMBER 1998

23rd Dec 98 added. Also, previously I added a really cool link to the Super Links page - but i didn't get round to telling you about it here - anyway have a happy Christmas - bye.

10th DECEMBER 1998

1st Dec 98, and 9th Dec 98 added to Josh Day section. Also I've added a new section called 'one' (what's with all these encrypted titles josh? - invisible man) which is what I'm gonna' use as an advertisement for myself to potential employees, it has nothing there yet apart from some loverly graphics - go have a look at one.

30th NOVEMBER 1998

29th Nov 98 added to Josh Day section - including exclusive song written by Josh.

27th NOVEMBER 1998

Enhancements made to Josh's Day Menu, include a new button for the timetable, and 15th Nov 98, moved to this section. Also 25th Nov 98 and 27th Nov 98 added. That's all, thanks for reading. :o)

Atari Menu has new seasonal background, all snowy for winter.

24th NOVEMBER 1998

Nothing very interesting this time, changed Atari background from Ataribackold3.jpg to Atariback3.jpg. Added link to Atari Links, also did some fine tuning to some other pages, and changed the e section a bit. Not worth mentioning really.

23rd NOVEMBER 1998

Can I actually remember what I've been doing in the last two hours? Hmmm... well I've changed the background image for the Atari Pages, and thanks go out to Niel Roughley for letting me use his image on my ST Book page. Hmmm... oh yeah, the Super Links have been slightly changed with the addition of Ask Jeeves, and a link to this, as it's now the start up page I use at home and the one I use as the start page on the Unix machines here at uni. Also, the Atari Links has slightly been changed, but not drastically. Any way, I'll see ya' later.

19th NOVEMBER 1998

I think they might have fixed the bug, neat huh? - Nope they haven't. Anyway, hardly anything really, but I've updated a page Lancaster.html in the Burnley section. Erm, what else, oh I'm gonna' update the Super Links a bit by adding a new link to this super groovey joint page Paul and me have done, so make sure you check it out.

16th - 18th NOVEMBER 1998

Erm... not alot really, erm, I think that this is the new front page for the time being Sunday 15th. Until it's moved (see 27th Nov 98), I guess and then that would mean that if you want to look at the second front page (i.e. the normal one) you can click the link further down the page.

Also, I have added some links to the Atari Links page, which I find really useful. I have more to add but at the moment I don't have the relevant information, and I think that updates will be less frequent from now on, although I'd still love you to sign my guest book! And I reckon that I'd probably still update it at least once a week, but I will be working on an alternative web project soon, so I will let you know what the link is to that when I know! But it doesn't mean I've given up on this though! (I have given up updating the old homepage though!)

Also, Tripod has changed and there's a bug in the editing section, so that sucks too, and it's slower to do stuff too, so that is not encouraging me at the moment. I just thought I'd let you know, so that maybe they might fix the bug.

13th NOVEMBER 1998

e - new section, which in this case stands for experimental. This is just some new stuff that I've been working on in HTML, and trying to figure out how to do, it also points out some subtle and not so subtle differences between Internet Explorer (ie) and Netscape (n), such as static backgrounds in IE, and the way IE shows the area selected (see e3, e4), but in e4 you can see that in N it shows where you are going, and in ie it just says [choose an experiment]. Check it out for yourself by loading both browsers and comparing each page in each browser. I'm sorry there isn't a clearer explanation elsewhere. Check out the source code if you want to know how to do it.

I have made the compromise in image quality in implementing gif versions of some graphics on the homepage. But it has saved a whopping 44k!!! So the homepage should be considerably faster (33% faster to be precise).

12th NOVEMBER 1998

There is finally my TimeTable on the internet in case you were wondering what I do with my time, there may be more enhancements today - and if so I will let you know.

Added Josh's Day 11th November 1998.

11th NOVEMBER 1998

Just done a new Index Page - It's a lot nicer than the last one! I hope you like it!

10th NOVEMBER 1998

If everything goes to plan, then this page was added today and Josh's Day 7th November 1998.

9th NOVEMBER 1998

Well, this was the "massive" revamp of the entire site! Only one or two pages were left untouched! New menu's were added for the Atari menu, Josh's Day menu (wow - now that's weird!), Apple menu, and how can I forget to mention the homepage! Also many other things were changed such as Super Links, which looks a whole lot funkier!

The majority of the graphics / pictures are of a type known as PNG (the norm. is GIF or JPG) and if you're wondering why I chose them, when a load of browsers don't show them - well the first reason is because you don't have to worry about them changing colors (which is what would happen if I made them GIFs) and I don't have to worry about losing quality (which is what would happen if I used JPG!) and the second reason is coz' I never knew so many browsers didn't support them!! But you've got to admit it's a bit silly not supporting them! Anyway - if you are not likely to ever be able to see them in the near future, then please email me, or tell me in the guestbook (and I will make the compromise). (see disclaimer for more info).

What else? The Guestbook was added, fairly instantly, on the spur of the moment, just to try make it extra special all in one go. The Josh's Day things were made all lemony giving them a less serious look, which I'm not too sure is a good idea! But it definitely gives it a much more uniform look. Atari pages were also given a more uniform look.

Also - lots of completely NEW pages were added such as Dream Machines, Josh's Day 4th November 98, HOW?, HTML ST, and possibly more! Oh yeah, there's a thanks page too. Plus more!

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"Gosh, all these different colours look horrible! Maybe I should cut down on the number!" - Josh 09/11/98