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Hello, welcome to the "I love Joanne Fothergill" web page! Now you may be wondering why I would set up a page all about a girl I know who's not famous, and not off BayWatch, but she should be, she's beautiful! Here are some quick links...

Aprreciation Society | Joanne Fothergill Links

First, here are some pictures of her. And as an added bonus all the pictures you can click. When you've clicked on them you will be shown a larger copy of them.

Joanne in 1996 - Wow! She is stunning!

Now let me tell you a bit about her. She goes to St Martins University at Lancaster and is studying Teaching with Religious Studies, so if you go to the same university, then I'd like you to take some photos of her and send them to me! And I'll keep this page updated regularly with each new photo I get!

Here's some more pictures of her, which I had to get a secret spy to take. I am awaiting them to send me some bigger versions of them, but at the moment you can't click on them...

Joanne on a beuatiful beach, man check out those legs! Phwaor! Joanne with her new haircut!

Ever since I first met her, I knew there was something special about her. She was shy and didn't know many people, but she was georgeous! With her long blond hair, an amazing accent, and the nicest smile I have seen. If you too love her, then please email your tribute, whether a photo or poem, or whatever, to and I'll put it on this page so that the world can know who you love.

The Joanne Fothergill Apreciation Society

Okay - the latest news is that there is a "Joanne Fothergill Appreciation Society" which has been... well anyway I'll let them tell you about it... it's current members are Jonrav Varnoj and Mark James and if you would like to email the society, email this:

"Our society is simply called the "Joanne Fothergill Appreciation Society". It is tribute to the wonderful lady herself and so we would not dream of sending you any obscene material (unlike a certain Phil Hackett who sent a rather disturbing picture of our goddess)."

Joanne Fothergill Links

And here are some links to other web sites that have content about the wonderful Joanne Fothergill...

Official Joanne Fothergill Fan Page

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