Lectionary Year B
January 6, 2003
Isaiah 60:1-6

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation


This is a comparison of the Anchor Bible (Anchor), the New Living Translation (NLT), and the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV).

1Arise, shine; for your light has comeArise, Jerusalem! Let your light shine for all nations to see!Arise, shine; for your light has come
has risen upon youis shining upon youhas risen upon you
2For see, darkness covers the earth, and blackness the peoplesDarkness as black as night will cover all the nations of the earthFor darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples
But Yahweh arises upon you, and his glory will appear over youYet the glory of the Lord will shine over youbut the Lord will rise upon you, and his glory will appear over you
3Nations will walk All nations will comeNations shall come
and kings to your rising brightnessMighty kings shall come to see your radianceand kings to the brightness of your dawn
4Lift your eyes about you, and seeLook and see, Lift your eyes and look around
all of the assemble, they come to youfor everyone is coming home!they all gather together, they all come to you
Your sons come from afar, and your daughters Your sons are coming from distant lands; your little daughtersyour sons will come from far away, and your daughters
are carried in the armswill be carried homeshall be carried on their nurses' arms
5Then you will see, you will beamYour eyes will shine, and your hearts will thrill with joyThen you shall see and be radiant; your heart shall thrill and rejoice
your heart will tremble and expand; for the riches of the sea will be turned to youfor merchants from around the world will come to youbecause the abundance of the sea shall be brought to you
the wealth of the natins will come to youthey will bring the wealth of many landsthe wealth of the nations shall come to you
6a horde of camels will cover youvast caravans of camels will converge on youa multitude of camels shall cover you
young camels camelsyoung camels
all of them will come from Shebafrom Shebaall those from Sheba shall come
they will bear gold and incensebring gold and incensethey shall bring gold and frankincense
and they will announce the praise of Yahwehfor the worship of the Lordand shall proclaim the praise of the Lord


1 Arise, shine for appeared your light and the glory of the Lord shined upon you. 2 Behold darkness will conceal the earth and gross darkness the nations also above you will break forth Yahweh and glory above you shall appear. 3 And have come the nations to your light and kings to the brightness you shine. 4 Lift up round about your eyes and look all those having assembled came to you your sons from afar will come and your daughters to your side will become faithful. 5 At that time you will see you shined and trembled and grew wide your heart for turned about over you the roar the mighty nation who will come to you. 6 A multitude of camels will be covered young camels from Midian and Ephah all of them from Sheba totality coming with gold and frankincense will bring and praise Yahweh to announce as good news.

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