Matthew 17:1-9


Rough Translation

1) And after six days Jesus receives along Peter and James and John his brother and he bears them up into a high mountain privately. 2) And he was metamorphized before them and his face lighted like the sun and his garments became white like light. 3) And, behold, Moses and Elijah appeared (sing.) [they] speaking together with him. 4) And Peter having replied said to Jesus, "Lord, it is a good thing us here to be; if you wish, I shall make here three tents, to you one and to Moses one and to Elijah one." 5) While he is yet speaking, behold, a shining cloud shadowed upon them, and behold, a voice out of the cloud saying, "This one is my son, the beloved one, in whom I was well pleased; you all hear him." 6) And the disciples having heard fell upon their face and they were exceedingly afraid. 7) And Jesus came toward and having touched them he said, "You all be raised up [by God?] and be not fearing." 8) And having lifted upon the eyes of them nothing they saw except Jesus himself alone. 9) And while (they) coming down out of the mountain Jesus instructed them saying, "You all tell to no one the sighting thing until which (time) the Son of Man has been raised from the dead ones."