Feedback on Philippians 2 from DPE


I really like this sermon. It follows the flow of the text in a refreshingly simple way. I think you really get at the heart of the passage with your question: "is it really possible for us to have this same mind?" The idea that humility ands servant hood is a fruit of the spirit is new to me. I would have never thought to connect it to this text. This seems to imply to me that having the same mind as Christ is something that occurs as we begin to walk in his steps. The suggestions you give for making this occur are practical and realistic. A contemporary illustration would have been helpful. Someone who models for us what you describe in the sermon. Or perhaps some instance from the life of Christ where he humbled himself.


The idea that we substitute Christian character for individuality is a great application of the text. You do a very good job in this sermon describing what this means. As well, you make it clear how important this is to the unity of the Christian community. A illustration to make it more specific would be helpful. I do not understand the opening illustration. I do not know what blood type has to do with personality types. I do not see the connection. Where does this theory come from?