Sermon on Downward Mobility:  Phil 2:5-11


Friend: Poster Child For Downward Mobility.

This Economy has people saying same thing.

Philippians text is an Ancient Hymn or Creed.

Celebrates Jesus as a Poster Child Of Downward.

The text has a downward movement to it.

He Was in the Very Nature – Form of God.

-         Illustration of the apples.

-         Says he had equality with God.

-         John 1:1 The Word Was With God.

-         Col. 1:15. The image of Invisible God.

He Did not Take Advantage of the Situation.

-         I would have taken advantage.

-         Valetine’s Day Dinner With Teresa.

-         Says that he did not exploit it.

-         The Temptation in the Wildreness.

He Emptied Himself Taking the Form of a Servant.

-         Does not mean gave up divinity.

-         But means he gave up rights and privileges.

-         Empty himself: refers to his pouring out of his

        life to God in humble, obedient, self-denial,

        refusing in any way to act selfishly.

-         Not a surrender of divinity but acceptance

        of servant role.

-         Servant – same word in Greek for slave.

-         His very essence like his divinity.

-         Image: Cup at last supper. Poured out.

-         Image: Spear in side. Water and Blood

-         2 Cor. 8:9, “He became as poor as a beggar.”

He Humbled Himself and Became Obedient.

-         He died a terrible death on a cross as a

        common thief.

Amazing Thing: He Chose This For Him Self.

-         He could have take different route.

-         Not just to satisfy blood lust of God.

-         John 10:17-18.

See the downward movement is obvious in text.

-         God – Man – Servant – Death on a Cross.

-         See it in the irony of Palm Sunday.

The End Result: God Exalts Jesus/Lifts his Name.

-         The Ressurection of Jesus.

-         Affirms Downward mobility.

There are three things the Text asks of us.

1)      Confession of Jesus as Lord.

2)      Praise and adoration of Jesus.

3)      A Call To Downward Mobility.

Christianity is not a ladder to the top.

Illustration: Henri Nouwen page 15-17.

Promise: Pour yourself out – God

will fill you up.