Feedback on Matthew 5:1-12 from SH for CJM



A.        Loved the comparison to Casablanca - helps to relate

B.         Idea of blessings in within the context of relationship - thought provoking



A.        This puts a lot of emphasis on the "translation" - words - was the original meaning correctly put down - or?

B/C.     Blessings within a relationship - a mood - a emotional state - only those in the relationship are blessed??  What about those who are just "getting into" the relationship?  Jesus makes the invitation - what if "we" are still considering it - can we still be blessed? I would like to hear more.



A.        This makes sense

B.         Ok



A.        Lots of "imagery"

B.         Contrast of Old Test and New ties it together



A /B.    Is word "blessing" a literal translation - need to think more about this and relationships and the concepts  



A/B.     This fits - sure to stimulate contemplation of ones relationship with God