Feedback on Matthew 4 from LRG


Very creative approach to the wilderness temptation--a down-to-earth

treatment of a passage that is too often spiritualized away. You do a

good job of recognizing and dealing with the possiblity that hearers

will focus on the vegan aspect, and point us to the larger meaning of

your illustration.


I appreciated the use of the real-life examples of how we can

manipulate scripture to our own purposes. This is a very needed call to

all of us to try to set our agendas aside and allow ourselves to be

addressed by the Word, which can be very uncomfortable. You do a good

job of relating Jesus' references to scripture, and his focus on God's

will rather than his own.


You have given an important message of personal responsibility for the

choices we make. Your illustratons are ones people can relate to from

their everyday lives. I like the Mac Bledsoe concept of teaching kids to

be wise decision-makers rather than merely obedient. This is a good

model for Christian discipleship, as opposed to the "obedience" paradigm

often promoted by cults, etc. Nice use of two illustrations

demonstrating life decisions that don't have to be "re-decided" every

time. You related this passage to the whole experience of Lent in the

life of the church.