Feedback on Matthew 28 from DPE


This is a good beginning for an Easter sermon. I think this sermon is really unique in it's approach. It does not coast along on the surface. We say that we believe Jesus was crucified, buried, and rose on the third day, but what does that mean? As you suggest it is easy to believe in the earthly Jesus of the gospels? But to believe in the resurrected Jesus is quite another thing. I'm sure the early church struggled with the same questions, which is what eventually led to the creation of the creeds. However, in the seeker church growth culture we live in, such questioning is not valued. Bringing up a controversial figure as Marcus Borg is brave on Easter Sunday. In some places a preacher mentioning his names will have the congregation shouting, "Crucify him". But for those willing to question there is something available that exceeds the limitations of our creeds and doctrines. As you so eloquently put it: Experience. Easter as an element of experience. "The risen Christ needs not be left on the pages of our Bibles." Obviously, mere belief would not have been enough to move the disciples out from behind closed doors into the world. Your personal experiences really give this sermon life. It gives it an authenticity and it is genuine. Did you preach this sermon on Easter? I'd like to hear the responses of the congregation.