Feedback on Matthew 21 from DPE


The beginning of this sermon is very effective. I think it gives the listener a good entry into the text in question. Also, it allows the listener to see that Jesus was a different kind of leader. I wonder in today's political climate what kind of reaction you received when you referred to the half of the disciple's terrorists. We do not tend to think of Jesus as a political leader. I suppose since we've all been told there are two things we should never discuss, religion and politics that puts Jesus in a difficult spot. Defining the two aspects of the politics of Jesus is helpful. Where the sermon hits the road is where you imply that following Jesus has a price. Acknowledging that we can find ourselves on both sides of the fence was honest and thought provoking. The question I have for this sermon is what does this look like? What would it look like to follow Jesus in this way? Can you be more specific and give some examples? Or should we be allowed to come to our own conclusions. This is a brave sermon and would like to have been there to hear it. I think you really get at the heart of the major issues in this text.


I like the beginning of this sermon. I think it demonstrates that something that can be good can also be used for something bad. This certainly fits the pathos of Psalm Sunday. The praise of the crowd was a good thing for Jesus. On the other hand, the praise would prove to be for the wrong reasons. When Jesus failed to live up to their expectations they would demand his crucifixion. I was wondering if you gave much thought to including in this sermon a discussion of popular religious movements. What determines success for a congregation - growth? There is a lot of excitement generated by the mega-church movement. However, many see the mega-church movement as the church's version of the gated community. I know this is an outline of your sermon, but I'm not sure I get the focus sentence. What it means is not clear to me.