Feedback on Matthew 17:1-9 from SH for CJM



A.        Compared to building project of church - makes sense

B.         The words used and their meanings - tell their own story - importance of each - I like this

C.        How would we (laity) really understand without assistance - we trust the copyists knew their languages and got them right.



A.        This is really good

B.         Seems odd that in the middle of this wonderful experience, Peter wants to build.

C.        same story, different presentation



A.        OK

B.         It seems that repeating it will make it stick



A.        Need more information - why is this primitive

B.         This is great - love the comparisons



A.        Good analogy

B.         Smoooooth



A.        Right message, right audience

B.         It is important that realize that this 


This was one of the best