Feedback on Matthew 17 from LRG


I really like this sermon. The image of the boys whose swagger is

"transformed" into shock and then relief captures this beautifully. You

let the text speak for itself "Rather than inspiring glib comments it is

a wonder we don't read such things and shudder and become silent!"

Great! You convey the awesome holiness and the kindness of the "gentle

giant" in a way that is too seldom found in preaching today. "Forego

the temptation to raise yourself up and dispel your own fear-modern

versions of the swagger-- and await the "gentle giant's" hand to raise

you up". Outstanding.


Your willingness to be vulnerable in this sermon opens the possiblities

for an honest treatment of the text. Your memorable illustrations bring

a possibly "alien" passage into the everyday lives of listeners.


An unusual approach to the transfiguration. Your poignant illustration

helps us to see the glory even in places we would never expect. "even in

the midst of our ordinary, mundane existence God is revealed in

miraculous ways, ways we can't explain but only experience." You bring

in the sacramental and worship life of the church in an appropriate way

to show how this occurs. I like how you stayed with your opening and

referred back to it at the conclusion.


Different personalities and gifts are used by God for his purposes.

Jesus combines in his own person the strengths of Moses and Elijah, law

and prophet.


You have related this text to the life of the congregation in a very

creative way. I think when we are able to show how a text relates to

something that is actually on people's minds, it's always of value.

Peter's building project gives an entree into this. In our humaness, as

you state, we have to stay flexible and be ready to go to plan B, C, or

D; and we should step back from the boards and nails every now and then

to ponder the deeper mystery.


A strong picture of the power and terror of nature. You do a good job of

relating this basic fear to the calming voice of Jesus who says, "Be