Feedback on John 3 from DPE


You do something with this sermon that is subtle. Most people think this text is about the life to come after death. This leads to all kinds of poor theology. But you tie the text this world with your focus statement. We are not born again to have eternal life. We are born again to be able to see the reign of God. I think this is a very faithful interpretation of the text. Though you do not specifically mention this subtle angle in the sermon it is there. I especially like the way you personalize it in the sermon. You also do a great job of demonstrating what that reign of God looks like. Are there illustrations in your life as a congregation where it is happening, where you can clearly see it. Lifting those out for your church could be just as effective as mentioning those examples where it is being ignored.

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I like the title of the sermon. I wonder however if older people without children in the home will catch the reference to the kids channel our kids watch. This is a very eloquent treatment of the text. You have a real gift for making it real. The line at the end where you say, "I found myself in the spirit's delivery room," is especially good. You get at the text in way that is creative and fresh.


RFK you are dating yourself by referring to Close Encounters. When I read the title I thought here is a preacher who is 40 like myself. The story you told at the beginning is one of the best introductions I've ever heard fro this text. I wanted to burst out laughing at the same time that it really made me think about what this text is about. It really fits the text well. Like RLD you pick up on the idea that this is not about life after death as it is about being able to see God's realm breaking into the world. The quote from Eugene Lowry was really helpful. This is a very good sermon.